Your perfume, winter mix


18 November 2011

Forerunner of the concept of perfumes on - measure - already in the seventies, his creator Josée Fournier invited her customers to leave free lesson in leurcréativité - Peaceful South Bar delay the personalization of perfume fashionable. A fragrance on - measures that they create simply, to the liking of seasons, her desires or her moods, by marrying 2 of 17 coeducational creations of the collection Waters of Trip. With an infinity decombinaisons possibles, perfume becomes then a complete extension of our personality, a true emotional identity card. Hierencore reserved for the most informing, it « do it yourself olfactory » is tendency today more than ever. In a society where everything seems of plusen more standardized, what of nicer than to know that the fragrance which they carry is in our picture: UNIQUE. 

Vanilla amber / Love of cacao:

An oriental suave - Vanilla and Amber meet in thorough note Patchouli and Musk. An olfactory pyramid terrifically addictive. 

Intense, the Zest of Orange awakens the jollity of the Broad bean of Cacao. Collide with it and the Pod of vanilla blend in then to soften the intensity of Cacao.

Eau de toilette mixte VANILLE AMBRE Comptoir Sud Pacifique Flacon 100 ml : 62 € 

Eau de toilette mixte AMOUR DE CACAO Comptoir Sud Pacifique Flacon 100 ml : 62 € 

Available on boutique and stores.