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Young and Ambitious To Bring New Dynamics to Nice

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1 September 2020

How to be young and ambitious on all levels? And, above all, in Nice? We will know everything about it in the interview with Jordan Minary, the young man who wants to energize the city of Nice through his actions.

For our readers, who is Jordan Minary?

My name is Jordan Minary, I am 29 years old. I,ve moved to Nice since last October. I am a lawyer and I am preparing the exam to access to the profession of lawyer. Besides that, I am also a fencer in Monaco.

Fencer and lawyer at the same time?

I need sport to relax and to be able to escape and the Law to be able to channel myself, to be able to be really productive and useful.

You developed the Modus Vivendi association. What is the aim of the association and what are the projects that you propose to organize?

The aim and the project of the Association is quite simply to put in relation the private and public sector and to be able to energize the city of Nice and the metropolis by creating new links and synergies between all the actors of the society, whether cultural, economic or social.

How do you see the city of Nice compared to others on the Côte d'Azur and what image do you project on the future of this city?

I find that Nice has a lot of assets because it is located at the crossroads between France and Italy. It is a strategic place that deserves to be developed, to be able to materialize new projects here. It is a city where you can fulfil your dreams and where you can build yourself.  We are between sea and mountains, so we manage to combine the urban environment with the natural one, with many possibilities.

I would like to see a real business district develop in Nice with real economic centers, to diversify activities and attract even more people, to boost economic life.

National or international?

International because there is an opening to the world.

Do you see yourself living here or elsewhere?

I would like to stay in Nice and I would like to be able to contribute to the development of the city. That's why I got involved in politics alongside that on a personal level and that I created this association to create and establish a vast network in Nice and outside and to be able to promote projects.

Interview by Andra Oprea