• Photo courtesy of Yoox

Photo courtesy of Yoox

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Yoox Launches Jewelry Collection with Delfina Delettrez


26 February 2014

Jewelry industry is a creative land and everyone has the freedom to express his own ideas. 

The collaboration between Yoox and Delfina Delettrez  comes with afresh vibe. The collection is inspiring and walks us to a winter garden. It is called ”Frozen Garden” and it includes a bracelet, a ring, a necklace and a pair of earring. 

What it is delicate and creative about the collection is that flowers and insects are set in a crystal resin just like a frozen feeling on an eternal jewel. It carries us within the theme, that is for sure. 

"This collection is an homage to both nature and childhood. It's like wearing  a piece of the past, with the flowers suspended in time as a winter garden," declared Delettrez, cited by WWD. 

A piece from Yoox.com's exclusive jewelry capsule collection designed by Delfina Delettrez.