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20 February 2012


Alexander de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat share the same ambition: democratize the art photography and making it accessible for everyone. YellowKorner displays and commercializes photographs of art in printing restricted mostly, numbered and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. But still more, this editor of photographs proposed' to be the hyphen between the public and the artists. The concept of YellowKorner releases from a very simple equation: augment the number of copies of a photographied' art to make it approachable to the biggest number of amateurs and collectors. So, instead of offering 10 prints for 5000 euro, YellowKorner chooses to edit 1000 for 50 euro.

Since then YellowKorner becomes the first editor of approachable photographs of art. 

All photographs YellowKorner are printing argentiques accomplished by a professional laboratory. Under supervision of the artist, printing is numbered and is provided with a certificate of authenticity. In keeping with the photographer, the same photograph can be available in one or several formats (20x30 cm, 24x36 cm, 60x90 cm, 100x150 cm and 120x180 cm). In every formatcorrespond a particular limitation (openedition, editions restricted to 150, 200 or 500 copies) .YellowKorner also offer editions Prestige. Restricted to 30 copies, these printing encadréssont signed in even marries it Louise. The biggest actors of the photograph etdu the world of show such Jane Birkin, IggyPop and Matthieu Ricard have already lent their picture and their name for the realization of prestigious cesséries. 

YellowKorner so intends to become a ski jump for the young photographers, but also a place of promotion for the photographers of international reputation. 

YellowKorner has 50 galleries across the world. In France and in Europe, but also in the United States, in Canada, in Mexico and in Morocco, galleries YellowKorner give a broad panorama of the contemporary and ancient photography. Each of the galleries answers the first requirement of the founders of YellowKorner: make these sites of exhibitions of the places of culture and meetings between a public and of artists of choice. In this plan, galleries organize events, private views where move photographers and celebrities in a common mind of distribution.