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World's Longest Designer Dress Revealed

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26 March 2013

The world's longest designer dress was revealed at the centre of a spectacular opening ceremony. Curated by British fashion designer Henry Holland, the event welcomed shoppers into Trinity Leeds - the only major shopping centre to open in the UK this year - for the very first time.

Measuring 15 metres high, the equivalent of the height of three double decker buses and 480 square metres wide, the world's longest designer dress was worn by aerial acrobat and former Cirque Du Soleil principle artist, Colette Morrow.

Thousands of shoppers watched on in awe as the larger than life dress emerged from a giant gift box in the shopping centre's central atrium. Rising to the top of the beautiful domed roof and filling the space beneath it with layers of silk, Henry Holland's yellow and pink polka dot creation - which is synonymous with his House of Holland fashion label - was embellished with thousands of Swarovski crystals which captured the light to create a spectacular show piece.

Henry Holland said; "Curating the launch ceremony for Trinity Leeds gave me the opportunity to celebrate fashion in a totally unique way. I was challenged to deliver a spectacular show that would excite Leeds' shoppers and propel Trinity Leeds into the fashion spotlight. It has been an immensely rewarding project to work on and it has been great to hear the reaction from the public and see it all come to life on opening day."  

David Laycock, Trinity Leeds' Centre Director, said; "We wanted to create a memorable opening spectacle for the launch of Trinity Leeds - something which celebrated fashion and shopping in a unique way to showcase what Trinity Leeds and the city itself has to offer. After years of hard work, we're thrilled to be open to the public and can't wait to offer visitors to Trinity Leeds something new and exciting every time they visit."