• Photo courtesy of Alex Mabille

Photo courtesy of Alex Mabille

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Women’s Ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Alexis Mabille

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5 March 2012

Let me be Bo-Bow


I open one eye, it\'s daylight, I didn\'t hear the alarm. I jump out of bed and into the shower. A little cotton-headed. Standing before my closet, an eternal dilemma: skirt or pants? I opt for the mini-corolla with wide pleats; its trim waist is really feminine and I love its warm khaki green. What to wear on top? Hmmm a sequined t-shirt. It might make waves at the office, but why should I only shine by night? A little sweater, makeup, fast chignon, café-tartine and I\'m off.


Metro\'s packed, if someone spills their latte on my Alexis Mabille coat, I can\'t be held responsible for my actions! It\'s a wool and cashmere blend in deep red with a big striped flounce - it took me forever to find a chic coat that can go anywhere, anytime.10:15I\'m late so I keep a low profile, no luck - the boss saw me. The rundown of last night at the Montana will have to wait. Which reminds me, I have to drop my draped leather dress at the cleaner\'s.


An email from Jules: \"Cassandra\'s beside herself, someone stole her AM cardigan with the mink collar.\" If she\'d only left it at the coat check....12:59Girls\' lunch at the local bistrot. Max, the waiter, sighs as I tell him that an omelette will suffice. Yes, I\'m on a diet. A tourist takes a shine to my tote in crinkled patent leather - \"No way I\'m going to sell it!!!\"15:06Major meeting in killer mode, I am all over this project. Just after, the director of communications asks me where she can find the wrap dress that I was wearing during the last conference call. \"At Mabille, I love the feather print but it also comes in silk with bows. And this season, he\'s showing them with cute pants.\" Double victory: I score points, and my boss leaves me alone.


A stop by Chloé.S, my favorite cake shop. I cave for two cupcakes - but I so deserve them! Anyway, at the end of the day you can have a snack, it says so in my book on chrono-nutrition.


Swing by the house, just enough time to change and refresh my makeup. I\'m banking on simplicity: a draped burgundy evening skirt and matching men\'s shirt. My feather and fox jacket can come out another night. A couple of strass cuffs and off to the opera!


A couple cocktails at Cointreau Privé by Alexis Mabille to catch Monsieur X at the turntable. We decide on a salmon burger at Kaspia. On the next banquette, a cute architect gives me the eye. He\'s totally my type, he\'s even wearing a bow tie... which I\'ll steal as soon as he takes off his pants!