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  • Photos credit: Stylezza.com

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Photos credit: Stylezza.com

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Women lingerie as a tool to conquer one self by Marlies Dekkers

fashion & styletrends

12 February 2013

Marlies Dekkers is a well-known lingerie designer though at first many have not heard of her name. A charming lady with an idea in the head to succeed and brilliant artistic concepts to create the buzz.

The story of the Dutch designer can give wings to the starters and hope to dream. Is not in vain her motto: "Dare to dream, Dare to grow, Dare to be." A life philosophy that guided her talent. With a pack of lingerie products in one hand and the hope to succeed in the heart, Marlies Dekkers stands at the airport many years ago trying to contact the marketing stuff of Lady Gaga. So, one product placed to the right people, a fantastic concept and talent can be the recipe for success. Of course,and flair...and, for some, a bit of luck.

Nowadays, Marlies Dekkers' signature can be seen on the breasts of many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguillera, Shakira, Rihanna etc. The stripes on top of the bra, behind the bra, the pants with a message within (to read just in case "you stay too long" where you have needs), all these have made the brand well-known all over the world.

The Dutch designer has a dynamic concept for her boutiques; every six months the decoration is entirely changed and new themes are always bringing new vibes to it. While meeting Marlies Dekkers and visiting her boutique in Rotterdam, the theme for her spring 2013 collection had an African inspiration. Africa for her is a realm that acts as a continuous muse. Leopard prints, beads, subtle coulour shades like special orange glow, embroidery are parts of this African collection.

Marlies conquered me not only through her products but through her natural way of seeing women. She does not creates to impress other women or men, but to put in the center the individual beauty of every woman. In order to conquer and explore your fantasies, you must first conquer yourself.

The collection is on stores starting this February. The prices for the bras start from 139 euros retail price and can be found in Marlies Dekkers stores or online boutique: http://www.marliesdekkers.com

Editor: Andra Oprea