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Win tickets to amazing workshop and organic lunch in Monaco

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4 February 2016

Here is the chance to WIN a ticket to a mini-workshop and a delicious organic lunch at StarsnBars, Monaco,
based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, author of the best-selling POWER OF NOW and A NEW EARTH.
Victoria Ritchie, one of Eckhart's close students as well as his editor, will speak about.

- Do you find yourself lost in thought most of the time? Are you somewhere else rather than here now?

Do you realise that it is your thoughts, the story of 'me in the head, this self-talk, that is keeping you unhappy?

- Eckhart tells us that as you begin to awaken, thought simultaneously begins to lose its hold on you

- in what Eckhart calls 'the New Consciousness" more and more often thought is left behind to be replaced by simple Beingness and Presence

- this stepping out of the mind is the process of transformation

- Can you allow yourself not to think? Can you find the gaps in your thought streams? Who is seeing these gaps? Not the thinker -- but the witness -- who you truly are -- pure Being.

- In this workshop we will look closely at how we regard thought as so important and vital to who we are. And yet excess thought is keeping us from knowing who we truly are in the depth of our Being. You don't stop thinking altogether as some thought is very creative, but you learn to let go of all the unnecessary tape loops that play incessantly, keeping you lost in the head rather than being Present in the Now.

- To undergo the shift Eckhart is speaking about, we learn a new relationship with thought. The paradox is that in the emptiness of no-thought there is such fullness of life.  

To win tickets to this amazing workshop, simply answer these questions and send your coordonates to our email:

Questions for Monaco workshop on 13 February:

1) What is it in your life right now that is hard to accept?

2) Can you easily contact the inner stillness at your core?

3) What is your best piece of spiritual guidance for others maybe new to this path?

4) What does the word PRESENCE mean for you?

Happy you, give us your great answers!