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Who will dare to buy Al Capone's house?

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5 September 2019

More than a house, it's a legend. Overlooking Miami Bay on Palm Island, this neo-Mediterranean style mansion - the pinnacle of chic when it was built in 1922 - has a unique feature: it belonged to the most famous gangster of the 20th century.
The godfather's house
It was in 1928, in the midst of the Prohibition period, that "Scarface" (the "Balafré" in French) bought this property he owned until his death in 1947. It is between its walls that he organized his most macabre act of arms, the "Valentine's Day Massacre," during which he executed his seven major rivals in the Chicago Mafia. When the police tried to prove his guilt, Capone answered very quietly: "Me? But I was on vacation in Florida ... "
Unlike other big bosses of organized crime who spent their lives hiding around the world, Al Capone lived in his Palm Island mansion in full view of the authorities. He only left his villa between 1931 and 1939, when he was incarcerated for tax fraud!
Its current owner, an Italian-born real estate entrepreneur who runs a Miami-based real estate investment and renovation company, has carefully restored this 570 m² manor house in 2015, nestled among venerable century-old trees. in a garden of 2,800 m² directly overlooking the bay. The main villa has 4 bedrooms, while the pool house, which is said to have hosted many celebrities of the splendor of Capone, has two additional bedrooms attached.
A property with pure charm of the 30s
Bordered by palm trees and overlooking Biscayne Bay, the 18x9 m swimming pool was the largest in Miami in the 1930s. It has retained its charm almost a century after its construction. Many period architectural elements have been preserved in this classified house, including an art deco bathroom that was the pride of Al Capone. Miami requires, the pontoon in front of the property can, today as yesterday, accommodate boats of more than 30 meters long.
This extraordinary residence remained in the Capone family until 1952, when Al's widow, Mae, sold it. It is currently offered for sale for $ 12.95 million (or 11.6 million euros).
Ninety years ago, the gangster bought it for the trifle of ... $ 40,000!
(source Miami Herald and CBS-Miami).