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White Milano, a Fashion Encounter

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7 September 2017


WHITE expands its geography within the Tortona Fashion District, with the hub in Tortona 31/Archiproducts and with the venue for special projects and events within Camera Italiana Buyer Moda, which add to the three already existing locations. The timing is extended to four days, in view of the fashion week, so as to converge all the sector's initiatives in the same period, thanks to MISE. The record number of 532 exhibitors (368 from Italy and 164 from abroad, namely a 6,4% increase), goes to show the key role the trade-fair plays in the womenswear international scene. Ssheena is September's Special Guest with an Urban Catwalk in the heart of Milan, while Efisio Rocco Marras is the Special Designer, with the new direction undertaken by I'M Isola Marras. Consolidated brands, international ones and cutting-edge labels are the event's protagonists, comprising a rich calendar of events that has reached over 390 requests for entry, of which 134 from abroad. The show dedicated to womenswear and accessories is due to open its doors from 22nd to 25th September 2017, in partnership with Confartigianato Imprese and under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan.

This is a special edition in many ways, as WHITE has gone the extra mile to support the teamwork strategy undertaken by MISE, aiming to coordinate and streamline the whole cycle, thus bringing together in the calendar of Milan Fashion Week the most prominent fashion happenings. WHITE is partaking in the vast project wanted by the Ministry for Economic Development, and event enhanced also through the format, MILANO XL - the party of Italian creativity, with one additional day as compared to the usual timing, the opening of two new locations in the Tortona Fashion District, the new venue for special projects and events within Camera Italiana Buyer Moda and a hub next to Superstudiopiù (Tortona 31/Archiproducts), a number of exhibitors amounting to 532; a Special Designer like Efisio Rocco Marras, with a special I'M Isola Marras installation, as well as a great event open to the public of Milan - SSHEENA's Urban Catwalk - in the calendar of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, in keeping with the cooperation between the two organizers, so as to underscore the bond between the trade-fair with the city. This fashion show has been organized thanks to the support offered by the Ministry for Economic Development, ICE Agenzia, Confartigianato Imprese - WHITE's partner - and under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan.

«The development and relentless growth of WHITE over the last few years goes to show that the collaboration with the Municipality of Milan has enabled WHITE to make the most of the creativity of several talented designers, who have gained a chance to step onto the global stage, while experimenting new modes and styles, which eventually turn into market and style opportunities - so the Councillor for Fashion and Design of the Municipality of Milan, Cristina Tajani, who goes on to say - with its 532 brands, WHITE shows that both Italian, and, most importantly, international insiders are willing to choose Milan as the best showcase to present their ideas and creations. This year - concludes Councillor Tajani - thanks to the installation by "Milano XL", in town during the fashion week, we want to show the citizens and all the lovers of the "well-done" the joint effort made by the Institutions and all the fashion insiders to make the most of our great manufacturing heritage, consisting of knowhow, production and creativity, which allows the Made in Italy to stand supreme in the world"

The record numbers speak loud and sound: with this fashion week, a turning point for the whole Italian fashion system, WHITE MILANO reasserts its leading role in the international womenswear scene with 532 brands, out of which 368 from Italy and 164 from abroad (a 6,4% increase, compared to the previous edition), a 20.500 square meters surface (a 2,5% increase compared to September 2016). A tradeshow that states its relentless evolution with a brand mix of consolidated Made in Italy and international brands, as well as a scouting activity with a special eye for emerging countries, and with focus on special projects and trendy brands. WHITE's markedly buyer-oriented exhibiting formula has generated, also in this edition, a remarkable increase in the requests for entry, over 390 requests - out of which 134 from abroad, which confirms the utmost attention businesses show for Milan during the Fashion Week, and the key role played by WHITE for consolidated firms, cutting-edge labels and for buyers from across the globe, who, find the trade show to be an absolute must-see and source of inspiration for their purchases.

«The opening of one of the most relevant editions of the Milanese fashion week sees WHITE involved in the major project launched by MISE - states Massimiliano Bizzi, Founder of WHITE - thanks to which all the sector's trade-fairs occur during the fashion week, event enhanced also through the project, MILANO XL - The party of Italian creativity. This goes to show the attention towards our sector, which should fill us with pride and urges us to be optimistic about Milan's role in the international fashion scene. WHITE got ready for this grand event by extending the timing of the trade-fair to four days and by concocting a remarkable calendar of events. In addition it has added two new locations and organized a major fashion show in the city for the city. In addition, the relentless international scouting activity has allowed reaching a record number of exhibitors, thus boosting quality. I believe that a new course for fashion and for Milan is about to commence». Hence the new location, which has expanded the geography of WHITE and of Tortona Fashion District. Tortona 31/Archiproducts, the venue where design meets fashion. A markedly non-trade-fair framework, though extremely impactful, is about to become the ideal scenario to present a selection of the most promising designers in the international scene. The new area also prides itself of the presence of Lavazza, which is going to heat up the venue with a series of brunch-time encounters in which coffee-based specialities will be served for an exclusive tasting experience, an absolute preview of the opening of the new flagship store in Piazza San Fedele 2, on 19th September in Milan, where food and coffee-inspired design meet. Lavazza has always believed in creativity and has picked WHITE to embark on this fashion adventure that aims to encourage the discovery of all things new. A big name is Martina Spetlova (London-based Russian designer) leather processing expert, a material she interprets with an elegant and sporty approach, already present in the best international stores like Selfridges, Odd. New York and Machine A, in London. One of the most prominent names in the venue is the Georgian Situationist, guest during the February 2017 edition of the show, who has decided to come back to WHITE on the wake of the positive turnout both in terms of public and buyers he enjoyed during and following the previous edition, which culminated with the fashion show in the CNMI calendar.

Again from Eastern Europe, Tamta Shindelishvili's sporty-deconstructed style, the selection goes on with the Italian Salvatore Vignola, with a style blending sport and couture and Roberto di Stefano, Who Is On Next?'s finalist thanks to his impeccable bags. Sadie Clayton, from London, is going to showcase a womenswear collection sporting architectural and sculptural lines, worn by celebrities like Hadid, Skin, Fleur East, Ellie Gouldin, and, last but not least, the made-in-Italy romantic leather bags by the Portuguese brand âme moi. WHITE MILANO - Headquarters & offices in via Tortona 27 - 20144 Milano - press@whiteshow.it - www.whiteshow.it - Tel. +39 02/34 59 27 85 An important and international participation for the new location Tortona 31 Archiproducts is the partnership with Mastered, the prestigious London-based talent development company, which collaborates with the likes of Tim Blanks, Nick Knight, Fabien Baron, to mention just a few. The brands selected by Mastered and WHITE for this edition are: Alexandra De Curtis, accessories and bags drawn by Totò grandniece, Isla Fontaine hand-made bags and accessories from Venice, Tessa Spielhofer and Laael with their design and experimental bags, and the eco-leather accessories and outwear by Heurueh (by Afaf Seyam).

Tortona 31 is all set to host the show's special guest, SSHEENA. The brand launched by Sabrina Mandelli (the designer is also Womenswear Head Designer with OFF - WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh) stands out owing to her contemporary sportswear and sophisticated care for details. The label already enjoys international acclaim, as she was the winner of the Time Award 2016, brand accelerator project launched by WHITE in 2015 in collaboration with Camera Italiana Buyer Moda, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and raffled by ITA - Italian trade Agency. In April 2017 she was the protagonist of two important trunk shows, again under the aegis of Time: the first in the Los Angeles prestigious H Lorenzo and the second in New York's Hotoveli, another touchstone for fashionistas. Another highlight of this edition is the presence of Efisio Rocco Marras, as WHITE MILANO Special Designer and author of I'M Isola Marras' new course. The young designer will introduce a capsule collection consisting of 30 special items, named "Walking Life" - where he combines youthful romantic ideals and the punk side of rebellion - with a setting conceived by set designer Paolo Bazzani in the headquarters of Camera Italiana Buyer Moda. If, on the one hand WHITE aims to internationalization and growth on the worldwide marketplaces, on the other hand it never fails to promote the Made in Italy through to the collaboration with institutional partners like Confartigianato Imprese and Ice - Agenzia. «WHITE has become increasingly international over the years thanks to the incessant promotional work performed by the Trade Show - so Brenda Bellei, M. Seventy's CEO, the trade-fair organizer - Today WHITE is an important and essential appointment for international buyers, whose are increasingly present in Milan.

This remarkable outcome results from promotional activities carried out abroad, like the road shows WHITE organizes on a regular basis on the most appealing marketplaces, but also thanks to the fruitful and longstanding collaboration with Ice - Agenzia, which aims to foster the incoming of buyers» The focus on Italian know-how is paraded also in the two areas set up by WHITE in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese, in the framework of the project MIAC - Moda Italiana Aziende Contemporary. At WHITE LOUNGE in Tortona 27, a selection of apparel and accessories brands by renown made in Italy businesses goes on show with names like Pourquoi me by Elena Montagano, Kyara La Belle, Montegallo, Le Dangerouge, Occhialeria Artigiana, and many more. The new format on stage at WHITE STUDIO, at ex Ansaldo in Tortona 54, is going to present 11 young Italian maisons, already highlighted at international contests, that at the trade show will avail of an additional asset: the collaboration with 9 top Italian retailers who have selected 9 promising designers they want to support, thus enhancing the image of the new Italian ready-to-wear. Below some of the partnerships undertaken at WHITE STUDIO: Filippo Laterza, supported by Asselta (Barletta); Greta Boldini chosen by Sugar (Arezzo); SETTE with Biffi (Milan); Rossorame, selected by Giglio (Palermo).

 «WHITE - so Giuseppe Mazzarella, National Representative for Internationalization and Sistema Fiere of Confartigianato Imprese - is, by vocation, the best platform for those brands capable of taking on the challenges posed by international markets, because they rely on micro and small manufacturing enterprises epitomizing the well-done appeal that has always marked the Italian production. Manufacturers with solid handicraft know-how that, thanks to WHITE, have found a new and rewarding international identity. WHITE + Confartigianato (30.000 associated fashion businesses out of 700.000) excellent team work, great synergy». After testing the soundness of the project SHOWROOM CONNECTION @WHITE, at WHITE MAN & WOMAN last June, businesses like Casadei are coming back to WHITE. The footwear brand has confirmed its participation by introducing, as a world premier, "WALL", a capsule collection designed to recodify the brand's precious heritage with a new metropolitan aesthetics.

The label, once again, supports WHITE vision, along with the importance to further the Made in Italy through research and innovation, thus promoting the Italian handicraft excellence in the world thanks to an expertise the company has gained over almost 60 years of history. The brand mix on stage at Supestudiopiù in Via Tortona 27 ranges from Stefano Mortari's creative esprit to Fragiacomo's footwear, brand that has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary; from Closed's denim to the contemporary daywear of Roque by Ilaria Nistri; from Dorateymur and Toga Pulla's footwear, present at the trade show with showroom Six London, which is also going to showcase Nicole Saldana and Rue St. The mix also encompasses the new collection chiselled on leather by Twins Florence and Sofie D'Hoore's freedom of expression. Important comeback for Goti, prestigious Tuscan brand of jewels and parfum. The industrial backdrop of ex Ansaldo, in Tortona 54, is the perfect setting for casualwear apparel and accessories brands, with trendy and contemporary mood. Roy Roger's jeans, as styled by Guido Biondi, offer a novel urban-style interpretation of femininity. Likewise remarkable is Anjuna's interpretation of the beachwear, while Fred Perry's presence confirms the hub's sporty attitude. The other assets of the venue are Essentiel and Boeme Milano. The Yellow area focuses on the "easy to buy" mood of the collections on show. This sections hosts brand like AIRDP Style, but also a high-tech vending machine wonder: the presence of robot Pepper Vending 1177, thanks to the brand 1177 Eleven Seventyseven.

This is the latest frontier in terms of automated sales, the encounter between online and physical shopping experience. At WHITE, Pepper can explain and dialogue with potential customers and make a hands-on demonstration. This costumer project, so innovative, has caught the attention of Banca Intesa San Paolo, Cisco, Softec and Ingenico. The location in Tortona 35 - Hotel Nhow, with his vanguard design is the reference hub for contemporary collections with an eye for the quality-price ratio. This is the venue where brands like YAYA, Derhy, Bijouets, Kleos, AG Alessandro Giada, Bioenuma, Urbahia and Liv Bergen with its metropolitan denim, can express their creative talent. At this edition, the careful selection of designers from upcoming markets performed by WHITE international scouting team will bring to Milan the creative esprit of Kazakhi designers Aliya Valeryavna, Kamila Moor, Utari, Zibroo Design and Yki.