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Where to go out during Paris Fashion Week ?

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25 September 2018

Here, we have trendy fashion spots where to cross all the gratin of fashion during Paris Fashion Week:
ASTAIR: in the 2nd

A newcomer to the Parisian landscape, Astair is upsetting Parisian brewery codes, while respecting the tradition that has made this type of establishment a French exception. On the food side, the trio at the head of the Farago group has chosen three-star chef Gilles Goujon, the discreet 3-star chef recognized by his peers as one of the greats. For the decoration is Tristan Auer, designer of the year at the show "House and Object 2017" whose eclecticism is based on the expertise of Parisian artisans. Astair's location is fully in line with the project's ambitious idea: the Passage des Panoramas, the first covered walkway in Paris, built in 1799, is sheltered by a superb glass roof. It symbolizes this Paris of a bygone era, that of an ambitious urbanism, festivals and a living shopping tradition."Astair is the party around the French savoir-vivre, in version 2018, of abundance and good taste. Astair wants to give Parisers the urge to eat snails in evening dress, with music in their ears and a cocktail in their hands.

Le RALPH'S: in the 6th

In a deliciously elegant setting imagined by the cultured Ralph Lauren, Ralph's offers an iconic menu with American flavors. The Moscow Mule, Manhattan, Mint Julep and Old Fashioned classics will perfectly complement the House's delicate snacks to share. A sophisticated enclave with almost rural charm, Ralph's is the perfect place to relax, far from the frenzy of Fashion Week, but still in the spotlight.

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PERRUCHE: in the 8th

On the roof of Printemps Haussmann, an iconic Parisian department store opened PERRUCHE, in July 2018, a rooftop garden with a unique setting and exceptional views. Perruche sees things in very (very) big: on 500 square meters, at the top of the Printemps magazine of the Man-Printemps du Goût, boulevard Haussmann. For lunch, a drink, to admire the most beautiful sunsets or to party, the new rooftop of the Printemps de l'Homme-Printemps du Goût store, oasis of greenery in the sky of Paris, is THE new Parisian rendez-vous ! 

BRASSERIE LIPP: in the 6th

Recognizable by its mahogany facade and 1900 weathered decor, this mythical Parisian address attracts politicians as much as the grata of the fashion sphere: from Kate Moss, to Madonna, through Sharon Stone, or more recently the hit -model Emily Ratajkowski. In an atmosphere always more authentic than timeless, we revel in the many celebrations of the map. Between the gourmet specialties of the house and the menu "fashion week" more healthy, there is something for everyone! 

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THE DRUGSTORE: in the 8th

Cult, Parisian and cosmopolitan, this mythical place is a must during Fashion Week. This "all-day dining" is the essential address where to meet between two shows during this crazy week when Paris, even more than usual, never sleeps. In the morning around a healthy breakfast, at lunch with a signature dish of Chef Eric Frechon, the afternoon for a full afternoon tea atthe English, and the evening at the bar, for a cocktail, accompanied by finger food. 

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