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23 February 2016

We've stepped into a new age : the anti-age one ! And this is not because we want to defy time, but to remain still! Pretty hard, right?! Not if you follow some tricks that can preserve your youth!

First, start with your attitude! We've worked on this pretty well! Then, start to nourish and moisturise your skin. We're 75% water so let's keep the needed level up! We don't want to feel Sahara overtaking our body! For this, a good daily diet is the base for a perfect skin!

Now, we want to share with you some amazing beauty products that we have tested lately. Besides the Essential Serum by Johan Yvon that we talked about in a previous article, now we've tried three different products to accelerate our moisturising effect. This time, all organic! The new trend, the new desire to return to roots where we can find the anti-age essence!

Vitamin C benefits for your skin

Organic, Vitamin C, extracts of sea algae, rosebud? Well, we already have a winner! This is the John Masters Organic Vitamin C Anti Age Face Serum we are talking about! We all know the benefits of Vitamin C for the body and skin. Taken into the right proportions, it can do wonders. Vitamin C acts like a shield, protecting the skin from damaging factors like sun, pollution. As a skin care solution, it helps fight age, brightens, reduces inflammation and irritation, boosts skin defense against UV exposure.

No more freckles, blemishes, age spots

For the skin, John Masters Organic Vitamin C Anti Age Face Serum sticks to the skin and does not leave it until it's totally moisturized. It works under the epidermis, creating the antioxidant effect that helps the production of collagen. A mix of ingredients that create the sparkle your face needs! The anti-age recipe, in fact! I used it on a perfectly clean skin with massage moves. Especially in the summer, it is a great  UV protection serum to use! It is very important also on reducing blemishes, freckles and age spots. I noticed this change at the eye contour area where all the little blemishes disappeared.

Hair mask from organic lavender and avocado

From the same brand and on the same organic line, we thought hair goes on a perfect line with the face. So, we have tested the John Masters Organics, Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner. Quite powerful ingredients! It definitely renews the damaged hair and makes it smooth and shiny. It's made from biological oils of lavender, avocado and babassu with soy protein. I applied it after shampooing, on the wet hair and let it do its job for 5 minutes. Then, I rinsed. As I have curly hair that tends to nod very quickly, this conditioner fortified the hair leaving it smooth at touching. And with some organic feel to it, too!

The moisturizing beauty pearl

For the anti-age, we have found the beauty pearl! Also, on an organic level, a trend which we hope to develop even more but at an authentic bio level! We discovered Tata Harper brand and its 100% natural Moisturizing Mask. It is an emollient cream that we can use at night so we can double the moisturize effect. It's so soft that we almost think we set on a satin pillow and the effect is immediate: a shinning brilliant blanket over your face (it seems oily but it's not greasy) with a no wrinkle aspect. Although it is marketed as "rich, overnight dry skin recovery", it can be used on a daily routine also. I used it by day, too, and the effect was marvellous. It is best to use it before putting on your makeup. You apply it and leave it for about ten minutes and then you go for the foundation. It mixes so well on your face and it creates a smooth, youthful glow. Before going to bed, I put on a thick layer of mask and I sleep with it on my face. Comparing to other masks, this one can be left on the face doing its work without washing it.

The mask contains a pleiades of great elements: oils (from where the strong and relaxing plant aroma), coconut fruit extract, arnica, tamanu known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. A splash of nature on your face! It was love at first touch!

We found through these tests that organic products go directly to the anti-age effect through their natural choices. Of course, it's a hard knock life for those fighting ageing, but not something impossible to acquire. Be rigurous about your diet and lifestyle and relaxed when it comes to moisturizing your skin with natural products! It works!

Editor Andra Oprea