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When fashion turns into junk fashion

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15 September 2017

How many times fashion can re invent itself ? It has done this so many times that it became saturated. And fashion designers know this !

One trend to follow ? Junk fashion !

Pieces that urge to be bought, money to be spent, cheap tribulations, fast renewals.

Haven't you noticed that every piece of clothing you buy, you can wear once ot twice maximum, after which you don't want to wear it anymore ?! ... That there are less and less timeless designs and fashions ?

The focus is more and more on the young generations. So what do we see ? Rihanna coming to meet France's First Lady in an oversized (and we can say way over) jacket and jeans, a street wear we can find mostly in American quartiers like the Bronx. And the First Lady receiving it in jeans, also ...talking about ? Let's pose that image for a moment and breathe deep ! This is what is happening right now - junk fashion, junk generation! And all the youth here are not at all to blame !

What's with the young generation in fashion?

Do you see young people wearing quality clothing anymore ? If yes, give them a round of applause ! There aren't many anymore ! We're all so much of consumers that so called personal style was converted by the junk fashion into rubbish.

Let's educate the young generation of reinventing their style to the timeless values of fashion if we are to talk about this field only! The need of a quality wardrobe filled with classic pieces from tailoring suits, shirts and skirts, less China smelling pants and blouses. Let's educate the young generation about respecting the environment and going more eco-friendly.

Let's talk more and read more of what truly counts to be happy : don't get fooled about glossy tutorials and media marketing, don't follow the steps of the flock, try to find it your way . And look yourself into the mirror ... do you like what you see in terms of fashion or are your part of what is going on right now??

What's left to re invent?

As, we sure have seen re inventing the 40s, the 50s, and so on that it remained so less left to copy and paste.

Author Andra Oprea