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What to wear at the office: the top must haves

fashion & styletrends

27 April 2015

What to wear at the office ... it depends on the office ... and of the season ... and on the boss! And it depends on your mood! Now we feel like having fun so a Zen attitude at work goes perfect with a more casual style. This if the ambiance is not too protocolar.

So, for this type of office and mood we have the suggestion - white shirt and a pair of fun jeans or denim skirt in a more classy way. Here it is our suggestion:

STELLA MCCARTNEY Oliver bouclé culottes 


On the other side, if you have to have the office attitude and be more stiff and classy, this is the perfect outfit for you:

Givenchy shirt

There are so many types of styles to wear for the office. The must have pieces are: white shirt, denim shirt, pencil skirts (as many as you can have and in as many colors as possible), day clutches or big handbags to fill in the all the things you don't need anyway but you have to carry them in your bag, derby shoes, black shoes with heels or no heels, black or colorful tailor and an androgynous suit. 

Also, you must have the neutral office dress in black or gray; Like this Reed Krakoff dress:

Simple, yet magical if these pieces of clothing are mixed in right shapes, textures and pattern in order to be different and stylish every day at work.