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Weight loss success stories - Dukan Diet works for celebs


Weight loss success stories

Names like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bundchen appear associated with Dukan diet. 1.5 million French women followed it and spread worldwide. It is a well recognized diet written by D. Pierre Dukan in the book The Dukan Diet. Recipe book.

What is Dukan Diet about?

Dukan Diet is a food routine made for the persons who want to loose weight. It is divided into four phases: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization. The diet includes a list of over 100 allowed foods low in must associate exercise with this diet.

·         In the attack phase you may loose up to 3 kilos in 2 – 7 days. The food can go up to 72 protein.

·         The cruise adds to its 27 protein foods, 28 vegetables. Now you may loose 1 kilogram per week.

·         The consolidation phase concentrates on preventing further weight gains. Foods like bread, fruits, cheese are reintroduces.

·         In the stabilization phase, you may eat whatever you want juts following a few rules like having one protein day once a week or eating oat bran a couple of times a week.

Food allowed in every stage:

Attack phase – meat (beef and veal), poultry (skinless), seafood, fish, tea, coffee, a lot of water

Cruise phase – potatoes, lentils, green beans, corn, peas, avocados

Consolidation phase – reintroduces bread, pasta, rice, butter, vegetable oils

Stabilization phase – back to normal eating with protein-only day a week

Dukan diet and alcohol:

As Dr Dukan said, alcohol can be allowed in this diet if you know how to drink it. Alcohol can be drunk in normal doses in consolidation phase.

 “Very often people put on weight with an "All or Nothing" attitude as they go from being strict to lax. To lose weight you have to re-adopt this approach: either go for it wholeheartedly or do nothing. Between both extremes, you slow down your metabolism, your results and motivation - and you lose the battle. Don't ever forget that a properly followed diet only lasts a few months and this is so little compared with all the benefits dieting brings you.”
Pierre Dukan