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Wedding, fashion and beauty trends at the Monaco Salon

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18 November 2013

Fashion, beauty and wedding trends

On the 16th and 17th November, Monaco was dressed up in another fashion clothes - a weekend for marriage, beauty and fashion. Grimaldi Forum was the place to be for the brands and fashion designers specialized mainly on bride and groom clothing, cocktail, luxury dresses designers, marriage events firms.

 We loved very much the elegant Organza dresses in vivid colors and exuberant fabrics, Marynea with delicate wedding dresses with designers like Marie Kim, Imen Idrissi by Couture or Descout Nathalie Paris who preferred very much the transparence of the lace. The retro style found its place among designers like Via Violetta who mixed the rose poudre dress with the head accessories, like Alaska Dream who came with a pale color cocktail dress associated with headband or Chloe d'Anglade who merged on a satyne rose dress with flower on her head and a lot of accessories.

The modern notes were added by designers like Florence Parriel and Lolabye. We loved very much the cocktail dress presented by Lolabye created with black stones on a transparent background. The elegance is always a note that we can find at Aldona Barcacci: the feminine lines, the retro chic style captured our eyes at an instant. A black dress transparent at the top side and with white floral motifs in a 60s kind of style is a perfect choice for a cocktail, wedding or elegant event.

In trend for the wedding dresses, white is still the perfect choice - the princess style had an absolute effect on the public but also the simpler lines go perfectly with a stylish wedding too. The long lace artfully handcrafted that covered the head and the dress was an absolute success. But, splashes of red could be seen on dresses created by Chris R that could perfectly turn into a wedding dress as well as a bride dress.

We discovered a brand at the Salon, My Opus Inline that came with an innovatory line: the bags that use Everpurse technology that enables you to recharge your phone battery while having it within the bag. Quite practical, we say, and very elegant also! Even more, the flats that can be fold into the bag are also a practical and very urban idea.

The jewel piece that we discovered and we fell in love with was the little two Swarovski hearts, two unique exquisite pieces specially created for the wedding event and sold in Swarovski boutiques. La Guilde des Orfevres is the jewelery brand that came with such sparkling and exquisite pieces of jewels.

As for the beauty part, Nea Spa is a cosmetic brand used exclusively at spas. It uses technology like active souche vegetal cell and all kinds of skin treatments for couperose, for example, or anti cellulites.

The salon was also followed by a model contest and the winner was Belynda Maguet.

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Editor Andra Oprea