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Vivienne Westwood is not a fashion designer, is a mind designer

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18 June 2013

We live in an ordinary world. But, sometimes, behind the "curtains" some sparkles appear and those sparkles can be seen only through people - people like Vivienne Weswtood, people who can inspire, people who can be your guides.

Most of you know very well Vivienne Westwood. She is an amazing fashion designer. For me, though, is much more than this. Vivienne Westwood is not a fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood is a mind designer. She has that genius sparkle to do and engage people by inspiring them.

Cannes Lions 2013, more that creativity, visionary ideas:

And, at Cannes Lions 2013, I had the chance to catch a glimpse of that sparkle that enlightens us all. Vivienne Westwood  told truths all people know, all ordinary people approve but few of us accept it and do something about it. It is something that lies within you, within your own true self. Listen to that voice, do not be bothered by ordinary minds and voices, do not listen to Governement as Vivienne Westwood told at the conference, do not obey to fool rules but do something good for the planet you are living on.

It is within you to find that power and do something even if it is something local because everything is connected. And his connection is very well expressed in the Climate Revolution, a concept that gather people that want to make their existence meaningful to this world.

Vivienne Westwood started fashion to help her boyfriend:

So, Vivienne Westwood started fashion designing at first (joking) for helping Malcom, her boyfriend, later  a musician for Sex Pistols, afterwards she discovered that she is a real fashion designer and that her voice can be heard through her work. Fashion became the vehicle to deliver her ideas. So she followed the punk current just to stay in line with the trends and get a better marketing. I'd say, also, to fit her rebellious nature and spread her ideas to the world. Ideas of changing the world, rooting to the true values of the past and improving the future.

Your true best self - have you identified it?

 "This is culture" as Vivienne says and this culture is "the best self" in contrast with "the ordinary self ... the consumer, the one that sucks things up, that wants immediate gratification, that throws out an opinion" just to hear themselves. But an opinion is formed, is not just something "arbitrarily decided upon".

What's the advice of Vivienne Westwood?

Stop going to art galleries and read more old universal books. Do not read the new books that have no fundament in it, read the old ones of truly geniuses. So, we can start from there. Don't listen to politicians who are searching only instant gratification, search for goals that can improve your true self. "And if you want to do something about changing your life ... if you want to do anything good in this world, listen to your best self and culture is formed on that ...fight for something", said Vivienne Westwood passionally.

Get a life:

The motto on the Vivienne Westwood T-shirt "Get a Life" points to you, yes you, the reader and you know this touches you. Searching for your true self it means "who are you, what is your place in this world, what is your place in the whole story of the human race?!" A fantastic way to never stop finding yourself and do good with this role you have on Earth, now. So, understand the world you're living in and make it a better place.

About the mind designer Vivienne Westwood I can't stop talking and I won't. Lines of "ink" will be spread on this "virtual" piece of sheet so more genius ideas of this amazing woman to be known to more and more readers.

If it wasn't for the strict conference schedule of the Festival, the long applauses and inspired people who listened to Vivienne would have stayed for hours listening to her. Such a great inspirational spirit!

Editor Andra Oprea