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Virgil Abloh's Trendiest Accessories for Louis Vuitton

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21 January 2019

Men Fashion Week in Paris debuted under the sign of uncertainty but also with a strong imposing vibe.

Virgil Abloh has the right accessories for Louis Vuitton

The collection of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton counts the second runway for men. This time, besides the collection itself, the accessories were really what caught the eyes of the audience.

An hommage to Mickael Jackson and his iconic fashion pieces

On a set created specially in the memory of Mickael Jackson, the fashion designer inserted elements that mixed Louis Vuitton's craftmanship with the star's iconic pieces like the penny loafers and clothing. With all the eyes on the accessories like the neon see-through bag, glow-in-the-dark duffle bags, the chunky sneakers, it's sure that the French brand will have its benefits from it. 

The style is imposing its breath because it has so much impact on the new men's trend of being very fashionable in any way. All these aceesories are so much linked to the streetwear that it is a part of the nowadays must wear for men.

By Andra Oprea