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20 October 2011


Are you a fan of vintage clothes?You can tell by today\'s post that I sure am!There are days when I\'m in such a mood for treasure hunting (vintage shopping) and I spend whole day in the search!


The blazers you can find in vintage shops are piece of art!Y ou can\'t buy that in streetstyle brand stores!Especially when you catch vintage designer piece for only 2 euros! I have a looot of vintage stuff,but the only thing I

never look,try and buy are the shoes!There are million reasons,I\'m sure you have one good in your head already!


If you follow me on facebook and twitter you know that I was on flea market with my mom a few weeks ago and I brought so many bags at home!


Well,I\'m traveling to Bosnia next week,that\'s one of the things I\'m looking forward to!


Have a great rainy day,


I was wearing:







Text and photos - Borjana Jelic