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Villa Baulieu, among the first 5 charming hotel in Europe

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13 November 2012

At «Holiday AWARDS 2102» Villa Baulieu located near Aix in Provence has been nominated among first 5 better charming hotels in Europe. 

The «VILLA BAULIEU» is a home of family which opened on the April 1st to become guests\' home: an Italian castle as these big properties in Tuscany. www.villabaulieu.com

This smart and confidential address, of a big elegance, is encircled with a 300 hectare vineyard: a coteau of reputed Aix called \"Château Beaulieu\". 

Property of the Counts of Provence, established as fief by Henry III in 1576, the biggest Provençal families succeeded one another here. Alamanon, Agoult, Prayer, Pontleroy but also Tournefort and Candolle lived here, attentive to preserve this exceptional land. A tradition which is perpetuated in family today. 

The history

It was the property of the Counts of Provence, created a fiefdom by Henry III in 1576, and the greatest Provençal families owned it in turn. The Alamanons, the Agoults, the Oraisons and the Ponteroys and also the Tourneforts and the Candolles lived there, watchfully preserving this remarkable region. It is a tradition which continues in the family today.

The Villa Baulieu

It is a family house:  luxury and serenity are the key words for this magical place, full of history.  The owners have spent a long time renovating it and are happy to help you discover the Art of Living in Provence in a great wine-growing and agricultural estate.

The vineyard

The Baulieu vineyards, nestled in the crater of Provence\'s one and only volcano, have been flourishing for more than two thousand years.  The vineyard consists of 140 hectares of vines planted in the heart of an estate of 300 hectares at 400 metres above sea level, and is one of the most extensive of the Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence.  
The site faces the Lubéron, looking over the Durance valley, the Abbey of Silvacane and La Roque d'Anthéron, and offers an extremely diverse terroir.  Here we see slopes with different aspects:  south-facing, north-facing and mainly, west-facing. Besides the clay and limestone soils, a great part of the vineyard is planted on volcanic soil distinguished by the presence of basalt, which shapes the development of the authentic character of our wines.

The crops

Twenty hectares of agroforestry land have been recreated around the Concernade, the springs of which rise in the estate, on the slopes of the crater. Eight hectares of almond trees, four hectares of truffle oaks and some olive trees round out the estate's products and also this landscape so typical of Provence, within the volcano's crater.