• photo Roger Dean

photo Roger Dean

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Make-up and Beauty Looks


3 December 2014

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an event that focuses very much on beauty, make-up, hairstyle. It is the moment where all the women in the world stand still and watch.

For this, 33 makeup artists put together their creativity and their beauty secrets.

What are Victoria's Secret makeup secrets?

The skin is very well moisturised and then added the red pigment which makes the skin more alive, more healthy. 

"If you put it on first, it makes you immediately look better, more healthy and alive, and then you just do a selective bit of foundation if you need to," said Page. 

For the eyes, the make-up artists used Shiseido shimmering eye creams: sable at the base, a layer of black and dark brown, eyeliner and mascara.

As for the hair, the extensions were liberally used to give more sexiness. Imagine Karlie Kloss how many she had!

An entire strategic beauty plan to outline the sparkling of the show and the glamouresque.

Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio