Uxua Casa Hotel from Bahia

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22 September 2011

Situated on Trancoso's historic 'Quadrado' - a grassy cliff-top square closed to traffic, except the occasional horse - UXUA's unique 1 - 3 bedroom houses are self-catering or fully serviced according to preference. The units are complemented by a one-of-a-kind aventurine quartz swimming pool, a restaurant/lounge, library, gym, and spa. Three renovated fishermen's' houses face directly onto the Quadrado, and the remaining six homes (including a multi-level treehouse made entirely ofrecycled wood) are nestled around pools in a lush tropical garden of flowers,fruits, and towering coconut, cocoa, and jackfruit trees.

Wilbert conceived UXUA as a tribute to the region of Bahia. Created using local and recycled materials and traditional construction methods, the hotel was realized over a two-year period in personal collaboration with local artisans and builders.The resulting architectural mix showcases southern Bahian and Indian influences alongside a rustic modernism that nods to Wilbert's work incontemporary fashion and furniture design. Each house is filled with antiques and Bahian art as well as hand-made furniture and fixtures created on site together with Trancoso craftsmen.

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