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24 January 2012

Unique baby clothes

Laetitia and Mark-Steven are brother and sister and work in the movie production. At the end of filming, they have the habit of giving to the teams their T-shirts printed by the logo of their society. Fast, the techniciens bring back to them that the T-shirt has a lot of successes. They realize then the important affect that the infant has and decide to decline it. Each trying to have the infant who resembles him most. Their intention is to play with musical trends, sports, jobs, passions... This day, four infants are declined on T-shirts: Rock, Punk, Rnb, Surfing 

Laetitia and Mark-Steven wanted simple styles and clothes in the air of time, with a high quality  and well handovered textile, original details and internal finishing in liberty cloth. 

T-shirts are sold in especially conceived nursing bottles and fabricated from cardboard, 100 % recyclable without plastic over packing.


Unique selling price: 35 €