Morometii 2 launching on the French Riviera

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07 December 2018   ·   0 Comments

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The GVG team is organizing the "CATE-N LUNA SI IN STELE" event with CARAMITRU and MALAELE, presented on December 8th at Polygone Riviera, as well as the movie MOROMETII 2!

On 8 December at 22:00, after the performance of CARAMITRU and MALAELE, the film Morometii 2 will be presented in the presence of the great master Malaele! The most watched Romanian film in the last 25 years has reached an impressive 154 000 spectators after only three weekends. The success of the film created by a national masterpiece, Marin Preda's novel, even surprised the producers: "I admit that this success took me by surprise, the director, all my colleagues, because we we did not expect to have such an avalanche of spectators. "

We will have the opportunity to admire the fascinating representation of the great actor Horatiu Malaele, reproducing one of the colossal characters of Rommanian literature, Ilie Moromete. Rising to the highest level of the actor Victor Rebengiuc, Horatiu Malaele promises an interpretation that will mark us, by getting closer to the rural world of Romania from another era, Romania of the difficult times of communism.

Tickets can be found at the cinema cashier or at: