• Photo courtesy of Michael Kors

Photo courtesy of Michael Kors

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Trends alert: What's in your Kors

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21 June 2013

Michael Kors is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital media campaign, "What's In Your Kors," directly inspired by the brand's fans and their love for fashion, function, and sharing all things Michael Kors. 

The initiative will consist of a regularly updated series of images of Michael Kors handbags filled with items specially selected for holidays and events like July 4th in the US and the Milan Fashion Week in Italy. The multi-platform campaign, which will combine the visual impact of Instagram and DestinationKors.com with the conversational power of Twitter, will highlight items that can be purchased in store and on MichaelKors.com. Equally important, designer Michael Kors will be able to offer style tips and practical advice about these special occasions to fans, adding his voice and expertise to the popular global discussion about #WhatsinYourKors. 

What's in Your Kors is being launched in collaboration with PurseBlog.com, the premier online fashion magazine and social network dedicated to designer handbags. Partnering with PurseBlog.com ensures access to a wide and enthusiastic audience for the content while adding yet another level of advice and expertise to the conversation. The first feature will go live on Tuesday, June 18th. 

Show us #WhatsinYourKors