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Trend: Giorgio Armani Eyewear and its Frames of Life campaign

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13 August 2013

Giorgio Armani Eyewear has it now on for the second phase of its Frames of Life campaign entitled #FRAMESOFYOU.

In what is an absolute first for a fashion house, Giorgio Armani has teamed up with the social video platform VideofyMe to develop its very own exclusive #FRAMESOFYOU colour filter, recreating the colours and the atmospheres of the Frames of Life campaign.

Through VideofyMe, users are invited to capture their own unique stories using the Giorgio Armani filter, and submit short videos of themselves or friends wearing their favourite sunglasses. The best submissions will then be featured on the site and on Armani's social media channels powered by a feed from Followgram.

Frames of You creates a unique link with the new social networks, involving users in the process of image-making and is a way to create an interactive and creative dialogue between the Armani world, the digital landscape and customers of the Frames of Life eyewear collection.

In the Frames of Life campaign, the stories of Luc, a writer, Carlos, a young barman, Nina, a talented cellist, Lucille and Adrian, two successful young architects, intertwine and are played out. Through Frames of You Armani want to turn the lens on the users and see their own stories come to life.

VideofyMe currently counts over 750,000 users uploading more than 440,000 videos every month. Through the app, it is possible to shoot, filter and edit small videos, and then share them with a community.

Robert Mellberg, founder of VideofyMe, comments: "We are really proud to be collaborating with a brand as globally renowned as Giorgio Armani, and believe that the creative tools offered by VideofyMe will result in some really beautiful videos for the #FRAMESOFYOU initiative. The content produced by our users is continually innovative and original, and we are excited to see submissions taking advantage of the new Armani filter."