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Top Fashion Designers Acting Responsible for The Planet

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22 March

Representation of minorities, fight for animal rights, protection of the planet ...

There is still a long way to go before fashion can boast of being truly fair. Behind the splendor and the sumptuousness, there is often hidden a titanic pollution and discriminations, sometimes even, extreme. Fortunately, some designers have decided to tackle the problem head on and reconcile fashion and social commitment.

We fight for diversity

In the space of 25 years, Dean and Dan Caten have successfully established themselves in the highly selective fashion landscape. Their stage name: Dsquared2. Their credo: accessible fashion that can be worn every day.
Victims of taunts during their childhood, the duo of homosexual creators are aware of the weight of difference. In their collections, they give life to this need for identity which goes hand in hand with a desire for integration. Why do you think the famous Dsquared jeans are their iconic piece? This wardrobe basic succeeds in magnifying men regardless of their color, gender or origin.

Say no to fur and the destruction of unsold goods

In 2017, the activity report of the British house Burberry provoked a heartache. Deemed foul, his strategy for managing unsold products has caused a lot of ink to flow in the fashion world and even beyond.
As incredible as it may seem, Burberry, like many other brands as well, had as a principle to destroy the clothes and cosmetics which had not found takers. Result: more than 30 million euros went up in smoke in 2017.
The second most polluting industry in the world, fashion has seen its image flay following this revelation. Fortunately, Burberry has taken matters into their own hands. In an official statement, the brand announced it would give up this heinous strategy and even the use of fur. A gesture that we can only salute.

How to define activist luxury

In the microcosm of ecological fashion, Stella McCartney sets the standard. From the choice of materials to the processing methods, the British designer is determined to make fashion ecological.
In 2019, his collection included around 75% environmentally friendly clothing. Fully recyclable, her faux fur coats were made up of 37% plant organisms. Instead of the traditional intermediary buffets, Stella McCartney had opted for tables at which activists, stylists and media men could exchange views.
Even if there is still a lot to do, there is no doubt that initiatives like that of Stella McCartney are helping to make fashion more responsible.