• Feminine fragrances: luxury and reputation

  • 10 most appreciated perfumes by women


Feminine fragrances: luxury and reputation

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Top 10 perfume brands preferred by the French people


19 December 2012

Promise Consulting a national consumer council and research in marketing society, specialised in the measure of «brand worth» and one of its entities Panel On The Web introduce the 4th shutter of their monthly barometre of most desired brands in partnership with Huffingtonpost.fr 

For this fourth edition, beyond the indice of desirability of favourite fragrances for the Frenchwomen and Frenchman, Promise Consulting and Huffingtonpost.fr also wanted to measure the notability of these brands. Finally, on the eve of Christmas, this study also heads with the point of view of the men and women when they give themselves a perfume.

This study was led to a national sample representative of 1082 persons (among whom 1000 purchasers of perfume), of 18 and more years old between November 28th and December 15th, 2012.

The top 10 of perfumes which the men want to give to the women 

In the reading of both graphs above, DIOR J'adore (11 %), DIOR MISS DIOR (4 %) and CHANEL n°5 (4 %) compose the head trio of the most appreciated perfumes by the women. At the same time, CHANEL n°5 (23 %), DIOR J'adore (13 %) and GUERLAIN SHALIMAR (5 %) are among the top favourite fragrances that men want to give to women. These results seem to reinforce the idea that houses and historical fragrances are imposed by their aspirational character even though the market of the perfume issupported by a rhythm of launching of new perfumes.

Luxury and prestige, the sheltered values by the traditional brands of the feminine perfumes

- First many houses started as a couture society and spread their activities towards perfume market. Therefore, names like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel came well-known by implementing this concept.

- Except for Guerlain, the most ancient French perfumer whose home came into the world in 1828, and Lancôme, society of beauty products born in 1935, all marks represented in this classification are initially haute couture brands. 

A zest of modernity without neglecting tradition, favourite perfumes of the women

- With regard to generally known indice, let's note that three fragrances distance themselves. Born in 1919, CHANEL n°5 (81 %) is the reference ever since. Just behind, DIOR J'Adore (75 %) is one of the best bestsellers since 1999 in Europe. Beyond the juice or its notes, its attractive packaging, TV campaign and the muse Charlize Theron explains this success partly. Finally, LANCOME Tresor (71 %) in the velouté sauce of peach-apricot holds its rank since 1990. Isabella Rossellini, Inès Sastre and today Kate Winslet were in turn the muses of the perfume. 

- Finally, let's note that perfumes belonging to the "flower" family (DIOR I love, CHANEL n°5, NINA RICCI NINA, LANCOME Tresor) or "oriental « (KENZO Flower, DIOR La Petite Robe Noire, LOLITA LEMPICKA 1st perfume) compose the basics of the selection of ten favourite women perfumes.

The rational choices, the favourite perfumes of men for the women

- In the light of the results of this study, the men seem to set the sights on blue chips when they want to give a perfume for woman. Indeed, the head trio classification gives a nice outline: CHANEL N°5 (23 %) will soon celebrate its hundredth candle, DIOR J'Adore (13 %) a reference on this market in term of volume of sales, finally GUERLAIN SHALIMAR (5 %) came into the world on the occasion of the international exhibition of Decorative arts in Paris in 1925. Chanel n°5 has an advance on her two immediate rivals, the men finding perhaps shelter towards a blue chip ", "Inevitable" as wants itself underlining it the last advertising.

- Concerning seven last fragrances of this top 10, DIOR, CHANEL and LANCOME, traditional faces of luxury and of prestige, don't give ground up by monopolising the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth rank of this study. Only two more recent couture houses supplement this picture: KENZO and THIERRY MUGLER.