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Tommy's Cafe

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9 November 2011


Find all ambience and atmosphere of Fabulous 50' s in the single click!  


Colours, music, icons everything is there!!! Of the Card, by way of Charter Quality, News, Photographs and Actuality 50' s, information are numerous, while watching to keep a part of "mystery"... This play and dynamic window, offer to the visitors a trip in 50' s and supports an interactive link with our customers. 


Just like our restaurants, our Internet window had to evolve and be different. It was therefore necessary to reinforce our positioning across a more marked, taken and revealing presence of our passion for 50' s. The step was crossed here. 


Welcome Back To The 50' s in!




For more than a century, Diners makes integrant partof the landscape, history and American culture. It is in 1858, that a young learner 17-year-old journalist, Walter Scott begins selling til late at night, sandwiches, magpies and plates of chicken. Request is so strong, that it decides to leave journalism and make a trolley bus drawn by horses so as to allow people to come to eat.


"Dining Car" becomes fast very popular in New England. At the end of the XIXth century, wagons hypo-tractésseront PJ replaced by trolley buses and. Tierney will bring wall seats, tables and toilets inside cars. The constructors are going to fit to this new means of transport, longer, plusspacieux, which gives advantage of possibilities but especially in more modern design. After the 2nd World war, request does not cease growing and in 1948, a douzainede factories construct Diners, using modern materials as the inoxet Formica, but also of new technologies as conditioned air or neon. Diners is in the peak of their popularity in the fifties!!! 


« Enthralled always by America of Fifties (I shall not know how to say why), it is in 1993, that inspirépar my numerous trips in the United States, I decide in full career rugbystique, to open Diner enFrance. The first Tommy' s (of the forename of my son) opens the doors in the centre of Toulouse.


During 5 years, in spite of her baby capacity (60 seatings), Tommy' s will go surfing on the success, between glory which brings me the rugby in the region and the novelty of concept which plait irrefutably. In 1998, my end of sports career getting closer and the success of enlarging concept, I take the décisionde to push adventure farther. A long stay of studies, inquiries, discussions in the United States, allowed to open in 2002 to Labege in the suburbs of Toulouse, the first TOMMY' S TOMMY' S DINNER DINNER in solo building. With a capacity of 180 places seatings, sat, in an amazing building located ideally in face of a multiplex system of cinema in a zone of free time, TOMMY' S becomes fast inevitable on the region of Toulouse.


Making success, opportunities come and I decide to export concept out of Toulouse enouvrant in 2008, one 2ièmeétablissement solo in region of Avignon (84). A third TOMMY' S will follow .Depuis en2009 in Montauban (82) more than 20 years and numerous trips in the United States, to go up and down the arteries of the big cities and lespetites country roads of deep America, I visited 300 more than Diners, met and controversial avecautant owners and managers. I wanted across TOMMY' S TOMMY' S to HAVE DINNER HAVE DINNER, by keeping the best an past and adding it the confortd' today to celebrate this inheritance of American culture. » 




Labege: opening in 2002 located in the périphér Labege ie of Toulouse


Pontet: opening in 2008, located in the periphery of Avignon


Montauban: opening in 2009, in 40 min from Toulouse north


Opening 2011: Montpellier, in the very delightful zone of Odysseum 


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