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Tie me up couture by the artist Dawn Dudek, The Interview

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20 November 2014

When mixing fashion with art, something amazing must happen! A plunging into inspiration, an opportunity to be part of a story, of an idea, the moment to be the muse through a vision.

I invite you to enter into the world of Dawn Dudek, an artist who mixes art and fashion into great concepts and who shows us that art can takes everywhere we want and we have a vision for it.

County Fair scarf

AO. I know you have an amazing career. Please tell to our readers a bit about you and your career so they get to know you better

DD: I originally started out drawing and painting, but when I went to the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, my areas of study were very diverse. I took courses in painting, illustration, contemporary sculpture, experimental photography, photo-electric arts, animation, and printmaking just to mention a few. After graduation I focused mostly  on photography and contemporary sculpture. At this time I also started working at M.A.C. Cosmetics as a make-up artist, which gave me  the opportunity to show Frank Toscan, the co-founder and creative director of M.A.C., my art. He purchased some of my pieces and hired me to do artwork for the head office and manufacturing facility which led to a full time position as Jr. art director. With a growing interest in computers, I left M.A.C. to join the team at Topix Computer graphics and animation as a director of broadcast animation.  I worked with some of the most talented and creative people in the industry, and as a result I grew significantly as an artist over this period.  I found that when I decided to focus on painting again, my past work experiences changed my painting style for the better.

AO. What is your inspiration in your art?

DD: I am inspired by popular culture. Specifically film and photographic images that contain a narrative. Collective images and film stills are fascinating to me.

AO. What is your artistic style? Which techniques do you use in your work? 

DD: My paintings are representational and I try to express myself through not only through the subject matter but with my colour palette and brush strokes. I also like to have strong concepts behind my work. I paint in oils and acrylics.

My new series 'If you love it so much, why don't you Paint It' is made on canvas paper but will be assembled and exhibited as an installation piece.

AO. How you started the project Tie Me Up Couture?

DD: TIE ME UP COUTURE was started by my close friend from art school in Toronto. She now lives in Florence, and recently developed a business producing and printing high quality scarves made in Italy. It was her idea to experiment and print my artwork on the scarves. The industry's response to the pieces was overwhelmingly positive and I was thrilled to hear that Alexander Wang took one of my designs back to his studio for consideration in his future collections.

Based on the success of introducing this style of scarf to the market, TIE ME UP COUTURE BY DAWN DUDEK was created and my first collection was launched in March 2014. The line consists of 12 unique designs from my paintings. The fabric is silk/modal and the size of the pieces is 140 x 145 cm.

AO. What is this project about?

TIE ME UP COUTURE has essentially curated a floating exhibition of wearable art.  All the scarves are made by Florentine artisans, and each one of a series and has its own individual characteristics.

AO. Regarding your collection of scarves, whom they address to? How is the market feedback and how women wear them? 

DD: My collection is not just for women, I have clients that are men as well.  More and more men are accessorizing their looks with scarves, and the imagery and the fabric we use is perfect for this.

Initially my clients are attracted to the artwork on the scarves, some even say they want to put it on their wall instead of wear them, but I always encourage them to wear it and experiment. The belted scarf look this season is an excellent idea and it can really refresh an outfit or coat.

While the artwork on the scarves is the most unique feature, I would say an equally outstanding feature of the scarves is the quality of the fabric, I always receive compliments on how soft they are and how easy they are to wear.

AO. Where can your works be found ?

DD: My art and scarves are available for purchase from my online shop at

The scarves are also available at Gas Bijoux in St. Tropez and we have several new shops that will be carrying them early 2015. The retail list will be available on our website.

Editor Andra Oprea