Thomas Pesquet for the opening of DOC DAY


Produced by The Twenty-Fifth Hour and directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff, the feature film 16 Sunrise is presented at the end of Doc Day, the day devoted to documentary by the Film Market of the Cannes Film Festival this Tuesday, May 15 .
For the event, Thomas Pesquet is invited to open this day of screenings and conferences by an intervention at 9:30 on his space adventure and the conditions of this exceptional shoot.

16 Sunrise is part of a multi-format project around Thomas Pesquet's mission which includes two TV documentaries, an IMAX film, two planetarium films and one of the most ambitious projects presented in Cannes: the VR experience: In the shoes of Thomas Pesquet. This film directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff and Jürgen Hansen and co-produced with France Télévisions, ProspectTV and DV Group, will be presented during the Festival in the Pavilion HP, one of the partners of the film, as well as on the stand UniFrance. In parallel, CosmoRider, a 5 minute adaptation of the film will be available for dynamic VR chair.



Unpublished images of space made in very high definition.
The first experience of virtual reality made from images shot in space. A feat made possible by the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who spent more than six months in 2017 aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This 2x15 minute experience is the first film shot in space in 360 ° virtual reality giving the viewer the unique opportunity to don the astronaut's suit, take off for space and accompany Thomas Pesquet at its extravehicular exit.
A pioneering project that will be available in its full version in June 2018.