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Christopher Atkins, the heartthrob from The Blue Lagoon still has it
Christopher Atkins, the heartthrob from The Blue Lagoon still has it

Who can forget the blond heartthrobe, Christopher ...

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The Year of the Panties on the Red Carpet of Festival of Cannes

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22 May 2015

More than ever, on this 68th edition of Festival of Cannes, Red Carpet transformed itself from elegant glamour to a sort of panty tity look a like. It seems there is no other way to attire the attention of the drooling photographers or the media. And people buy it! A little piece of panties, a small piece of breast, as long as it is flesh, and most of all, celebrity flesh, we have the eye on it.

Where is the charm, the beauty, the elegance? Of course, there is some but we get intoxicated by the superficial looks of panties and big plunging dresses where we can see a lot ...

Where is Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Liz Taylor to show some class? 

Now we have face split dresses so we can see panties and plunging dresses so we can see breasts! What an art! And the drooling ones, applaude!

But for those who wants to see some charm, what is left of it?!

We have Sophie Marceau on the Red Carpet with the white dress splitting by "accident" and showing us her panties, we have Lady Victoria, we have pseudo stars like Martika, whom we should even bother mentioning it ... people frustrated over their careers! As, if they would have wanted to show us some art, they would have done it. Sorry Sophie we have to put you in the same pot with others!

So, the flashes got blinded by panties and the Red carpet became less glitzy this year. Thank God there were people like Cate Blanchett or Natalie Portman to save the moment! 

Frédérique Bel - Montée des marches du film L'homme irrationnel, à Cannes le 15 mai 2015

Editor Andra Oprea