• Woman protesting `Not virgins, not whores, just women!`

Woman protesting `Not virgins, not whores, just women!`

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The top 7 types of women on Facebook

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20 June 2014

Women on Facebook, lots of them, squirreling, scrolling, drooling! I like women who share things on Facebook or don`t have an account at all. I don`t like women who have accounts but they scrutinize Facebook constantly, searching for other lives as a substitute of her own, a scrolling hobby to see what the other mortal peers did along the day, the invisible eye that is watching you!

But for those women who have a Facebook account, things are quite this way.

The once in ten minutes Facebook check kind of woman:

There`s the kind of woman who cannot do her jobs if she can`t check on her social accounts once every ten minutes. It`s a habit! The other day, Facebook had a 30 minutes breakdown; it must have been the end of the world for her. Many lost control, didn`t know what to do, others start to see that there are many other things too that can be done in the absence of Facebook. Like Instagram! (laugh).

The charitable, the ill-kids connected woman on Facebook

Of course, everybody posts on Facebook their favourite photos, moments and songs. Many become very charitable even, some get really connected to ill kids in the world and give likes as if it would really matter! No, dear, what really matters is to DO something about it, not push on a Like button. Let`s not forget that we are talking about a virtual world here, the beginning of Matrix. I guess, in some years and, definitely, decades, Facebook is the living place on a Matrix kind of living. If you`re not in, you`re dead, but even dead you would have to have a place on the Facebook cemetery. So, put your best photos now so we can remember you when you were young!

The woman with lots of dogs, cats and flowers on Facebook:

But, very related to this `humanly` lead, is the woman who posts every day photos with dogs and cats, with flowers and sunshine, with quotes and songs. We have to have this romantic corner on Facebook as well, right?

The woman who is too sexy to be intelligent on Facebook

There is also the other type of women who post only when they want to attract men. And they start by getting sexy (some maybe even too sexy) and putting quotes from brilliant and motivational minds talking about how unique and different everybody is, how special your inner qualities are and how she is  the shining star every man is waiting for, a sparkling star not to be missed. She is there, man, shining! Can`t you see her?  

The no-relationship suffering woman on Facebook

Another type of woman posting on Facebook is the woman who is out of a relationship; she mourns, she puts lyrics and songs everyday on her wall, sometimes even twice a day so her suffering to penetrate the glass of your desktop or mobile. It hurts, can you feel it? And this needs to go public!

The cool woman on Facebook

The cool woman who acts like a girls ( a girls who dreams, who hopes, who wishes) posts about interesting facts around the world, cool parties, latest theatres and shows, poetry, art. It is kind of nice to see her page sometimes but then, if she gets stuck into some asshole who wants her not to express her true artistic views, emotions etc, because the world may see it (and, hey, it can be dangerous), she abandons and lets the sharing be gone. Oxytocine gone, as well! Oxytocine, the hormone of sharing, of trust, of human bonding. From this point of view, Facebook is a real catharsis.

The business woman type on Facebook

There is another type of women, the business-like type, who is very professional on Facebook, who posts about her activities and, once in a while, posts photos with her family. Some have it all, right? At least on Facebook!

So, I suggest that you should post more often if you have something interesting to say that relates you to the world, if it is sincere and authentic and can make little good changes. I suggest to inspire, if you can, and let yourself be leaded to and by beautiful things and not all the noise on Facebook. After all, Facebook is nothing but the mirror of the world we are living in, mostly in her bad parts. Lets`s bring the lights on the good one! And, for God`s sake, woman, stop sneaking around Facebook, share your joy with all the Matrix lovers!

Editor Andra Oprea