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The Story of the Babydoll Lingerie

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14 October

The nightie, also called baby doll, is a feminine sleepwear that is shaped like a dress with thin straps. It is, in general, made of light fabric such as nylon or silk for the most luxurious models. We can find the nightie in all its forms with its games of transparency, ruffles, frills, ribbons, colors.

The nightie was created by Nancy Mecher in the 1950s. In fact, at that time, this garment was mainly associated with pin-ups. Ten years later, it is even worn as an everyday dress, especially from the hippie movement. Nowadays, the nightie can be worn in many different ways and by many women!

Hollywood's biggest stars like Marylin Monroe are featured in films and photo campaigns. The nightie then gained popularity. It's like a small revolution in the world of fine lingerie for women.There is a constant evolution of the nightie over time. It becomes more visible, more accessible, more like a must-have piece of the wardrobe.

Nowadays, the nightie can be found in the fine lingerie and loungewear category with pajamas or nightgowns. This pretty garment remains a seductive piece that highlights the feminine silhouette, which is chic and very feminine.Ladies, put on your nighties!

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