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"The source of the wives" - the French and the love

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2 November 2011

Make love or household: it is necessary to choose! To persuade their couple to bring the water of the source in the village, the women decided to make “ the strike of love ”. The stage takes place in a small village, someplace between North Africa and Middle East, at present ...

Here is the synopsis from “ The Source of the wives ”, last film of Radu Mihaileanu with, notably, effervescent Leïla Bekhti which goes out on this November 2nd. A very actual subject, which Meetic liked to transpose into our society questioning the French people into an interesting unpublished opinion poll accomplished by OpinionWay in September, 2011.


51 % of the women ready to throw out threat! 

Certainly, it is not about an enormous majority, but 51 % of the questioned women reply in the affirmative in question: « Would you be able of making " the strike of sex " today to encourage your partner to participate in domestic chores? » 

This decision varies according to loving situation, the single men - casting in a life of couple - would be 61 % to make this choice, against 46 % of the women in couple and according to the generation also: 61 % of the 18-24 years prove to be more determined against 46 % of the 60 years and more.


Is this threat efficient? Yes, accept 41 % of the men. There still, the single men and the youngest - with respectively 44 % and 57 % of the 18-24 years - seem more sensitive to subject than men in couple (39 %) and seniors (30 % only 60 years and more).


What Leïla Bekhti thinks of it... 

French rising star in cinema, Leïla Bekhti, contrary to the figure in the film, would not imagine to make " the strike of love ": « I hope to have more authority than this! Argument-key, according to me, it is to speak (...). I remain persuaded that it is not some against others that they will arrive at something. »



... and Radu Mihaileanu


As for the film director Radu Mihaileanu, it is the decision of his partner that would intrigue it most: « I would like to know the cause, to speak about it with her. In any case, this would awaken me, because if it is led to make " the strike of love ", this means that it's serious. Whatever happens, I am faulty: I did not see a suffering evolving in her. (...) When they love somebody, they see to it that it does not suffer. It is it that they call generosity. And love without generosity, this does not exist. »



In no blackmail! 

Exceeding the question of the refusal of the cuddle under the continental quilt, Meetic wanted to know the medium employees and considered the most efficient by the women so that their partner agrees to take over the vacuum cleaner or to wash the dinnerware.



Good news: the Frenchmen are not in blackmail! So, favourite method is dialogue: 48 % of the women declare to have recourse to it and 52 % of the men think that it carries its fruits, notably those who are married or married again (60 %). 

The fact remains that the answer which arrives in second position says that often " they are always better served only by oneself ": so, 13 % of the women abandon confrontation and prefer making everything themselves. 

More amazing, 24 % of the men also tell take responsibility themselves for chores, but this result is to balance: near the half of those who answered so is divorced and manages alone their home.



Very far behind dialogue different strategies come, which are not very considered so efficient by both sexes: 

▪ The installation of a planning entices 5 % of the women and 7 % of the men. 

▪ The dispute, used by 5 % of the women, but only 1 % of the men. 

▪ order or command, intimé by 4 % of the women and accepted by 1 % of the men.

▪ silence draws for 2 % of the women as men.


Good excuse what say the Frenchmen

To persuade or be allowed to persuade, all arguments are good? In this opened question, answers vary, according to the character of each. 

• So, some people implement everything to preserve the peace of household: « My spouse participates equal in tasks », « The woman does not have of course to take care of alone these tasks, especially if she exercises a job other than teacher of home ». 

• others make prevail over the pragmatism: « I am tired, I need help and you make it very well » or « It is overwhelmed and has no time to make it ». 

• There is hard method: « If you want to eat, it is necessary that you wash the dinnerware » or « more not to do the cleaning and to wait only everything is in pigsty, it detests this ».

• But also soft method: « To share tasks allows to save time to be together » or « A simple request with a smile ».


Even if in a general way the equality in the distribution of domestic chores is still far from being acquired, the Frenchmen can reassure themselves: loving feeling does not depend on the dust on the shelf... The cuddle under the continental quilt still has fine weather therefore in front of him... A good news as winter approaches!




All detailed results of study on: http: // / 2710 / actualites.html