• The Sky over New York I - Photo by Marino Parisotto 



The Sky over New York I - Photo by Marino Parisotto 



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The small people - who are they?

editorial & arteditorial

17 July 2013

Editorial about human relationships, inspiring people, common people:

One sheep to another: "I'm different!".  The other one: "I'm different, too". That's the concept of "small people" I want to write about here. And, looking forward to creative comments; I know "small people" won't react, they will attack.

You know, those people you get surrounded everyday, the kind of people who will agree with you standing in front of your face and judge you on your back, those who will laugh at every creative spirit and innovative idea, those who are very "into the system" and don't like "the outlaws".

I'm an outlaw and I have to stand up every day "small people." Let's take one example - the field I'm working in, fashion. They don't like fashion and criticise the people in it, but when shopping they are avid to buy a lot although they don't have the smallest good taste. Also, they don't see the beautiful sparkle of a dream, they don't see the dreammer, they just need to be comform. Just like ants: every day scrolling into the earth messing it around without even finding its essence.

It's tiresome to be so many "small people", even dangerous. And "small people" listen to "small people": a vicious circle you can not go out from but finding one "outlaw" of your own. You know, that creative mind who already evolved from little stupid thoughts that eat every day's life of the "small people" and try to breath the air of the universe, to enjoy its music and its silence, to put the ideas beyond systematic propaganda. Creative minds don't like propaganda, they like the ideas that are detached from doctrines.

In every field, you find "small people", those who suck the best of you and cover you with the dust of their thoughts. You need to get rid of it, assume and enjoy your own unique energy. Don't let yourself be surrounded by "small people", they will belittle you - you even don't know when stupid monkey thoughts can get into your self and rest there. Afterwards, their impurities locate within you and all your energy will lose its sparkle. So, be careful, "small people" are common, are everywhere, but if you search or even stay still, good energy people will come your way. Let the laws of attraction do their job! Trust me, they will!

Editor Andra Oprea