The real power of Bach flowers

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17 January 2012

The true powers of the Bach flowers. 38 elixirs to treat itself daily is dued to appear  on the February 1st to the Presses of Châtelet.

As like the homeopathy, flower therapy, developed in 1930, comes as a total therapy of the individual. Essence of flowers is accomplished from plants dipped into water and displayed in the sun.

According to their concepteur, Dr Edward Bach, doctor homoeopath, practising body & mind medicine, their use treats the emotional states regrouped in seven main emotions: fright, uncertainty, absence to oneself and to the present, loneliness, hypersensitivity, depression, and worry.

Flavia Mazelin-Salvi invites us to discover the power of these flower elixirs. Why and how can flowers act on our emotions? Across seven thematic chapters, our everyday emotions are analysed as well as the elixir which corresponds to them.