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The Pantone beauty color of the year, Marsala


12 March 2015

And the winner is ... Marsala! This year, Pantone, the color expert, chose a purple eye-catching, elegant and harmonious tone. Many cosmetic brands have already released products in limited editions and Sephora even created, on its website, a special section dedicated to Marsala color. But who best suits this color and how can we match it properly? beautypress gives the advice to be on top of fashion this year.

Marsala: a magnetic red

It's been a few years since Pantone had not chosen nothing but red. In 2007, it is the color Chili Pepper, powerful and dark red blood that had been retained. One of this year, the name refers to a Sicilian sweet wine, has a natural earthiness and is very sophisticated. "The tone Marsala nourishes the mind, body and soul while inspiring confidence and giving a sense of stability. "Leatrice Eiseman post, chief director of the Pantone Color Institutes®. "Marsala leaves no one indifferent, it gives confidence (...), its coppery red color gives it a very typical appearance. Its intense color and class seduces us (...) ". Marsala red can be used in the fashion world in the design, but above all in the beauty industry. Because this color is able to showcase many different skin tones: dark, olive ridley, very light colors.

Omnipotent: Marsala conquers the world of beauty

Marsala is a great color because it highlights both eyes, lips, nails, cheeks and hair. Iris Martin, Make-up Artist at ASTOR, known because of this extensive research of fashion trends says that the red, this year, is totally recommended for a monochrome look, "it is as well available in lipstick, nail polish, or eyeliner ". Eric Schmidt-Mohan sees red for beauty 2015 "with the choice of Marsala as the color of the year, Pantone is the buzz around hot reds with golden brown shades." "These shades will be found in all forms in the coming looks for this summer ...". 

Marsala is not an ordinary dark red

The Red Kiss: Marsala is unbeatable as lipstick. Having dark red lips has become almost ordinary, but the copper red Marsala brings a touch of novelty. With a little bronze foundation, here you are with a serious look that is consistent with all the colors of eye shadow. However, the makeup eyelids must remain discreet with a little metallic gold breath. So that the skin tone does not make too light because of Marsala color of your lips, you will use enough blusher with such a slight hint of peach.

About blush: Marsala fits perfectly on the cheeks - although it must be carefully used on the very clear skin. If applied without parsimony then the effect can go from natural to formal.

Finally, you can give a final touch to your look by placing a Marsala polish on your nails.

Your eyes are adorned with Marsala

For eye makeup, it takes a little more courage: Generally eye shadows in shades of red are unusual - applied on large surfaces - serious and (really) sophisticated.

First of all it is with a discreet eyeliner - or a lip pencil eyeliner transformed into - the tint will be applied to the contours of the eyes and slightly spread. For a look in the evening you will be happy to do some testing: a Marsala eyeshadow is associated for example with pink and deep burgundy or gold and bronze tones. Graduated color will however not be apparent. The hair will preferably be back to draw all the attention on eye makeup.

Extraordin'hair: Marsala to color your hair.

It is rare that the color of the year can also be used for hair coloring. It's mostly brown with a clear olive skin to whom Marsala looks best, others can add small spikes in their coloration or try the shaded style. The red-brown color has large color molecules, so they quickly lose their luster. This is why it is important to choose a suitable hair care such as a protective shampoo color or carer or a protective hair oil.