• Photo credit AMPAS / Academy Awards

Photo credit AMPAS / Academy Awards

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The Oscars, Hair & Make-Up How To's

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27 February 2013

Jessica Chastain - "Jessica's beautiful deep brick red lips are her statement look against translucent skin and twinkling nude dress, her pout is perfect and works beautifully with her red hair. Eyes are simple with a slick of eyeliner over a neutral eyeshadow. The black flick is straight and to the end of the eye - not retro or flicky, just very classic. To apply liner like this, start at the inner corner, steady your elbow on a surface, draw a line along the upper lash line to edge of eye, repeat to thicken line to desired effect and apply lashing of mascara to top and bottom lashes." Michelle White

Ken Picton, British Colourist of the Year (www.kenpicton.com  http://www.kenpicton.com ) said "Jessica's gorgeous red hair looks stunning in these classic waves. Start by applying Shu Uemura Essence Absolue for this shine, and a heat protection product, then using a large barrelled tong, work through the hair from around chin length. Clip the curls in place as you go so that they can cool without dropping. At the last moment, remove all the clips and spray to keep the shape. To get extra length and volume for this look use an Effortless Extension (£74.95, www.effortlessextensions.co.uk)

(http://www.effortlessextensions.co.uk), it's a hair piece on a wire that slips into place without damaging hair and can be heat styled as you would your own hair."

Reese - "Ever the natural beauty, Reese has completely nude matted out lips, flushed pink cheeks, and a very natural eye. Frontcover's Sunkist mini lipstick (http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/buy-online/lipstick-and-lip-pencils/product/sunkist-mini-lipstick.html , http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/buy-online/lipstick-and-lip-pencils/product/sunkist-mini-lipstick.html) is perfect for this look. Reese's hair is very classic Hollywood waves so by going for this look rather than red lips/smoky eyes she's kept it really modern rather than retro. Apply foundation to lips, blot, then dot the lipstick across the lips using a brush before blotting again." Michelle White

"Reese's Hollywood waves are super glam without being too rigid" says organic colour specialist and former London hairdresser of the year Karine Jackson (www.karinejackson.co.uk
http://www.karinejackson.co.uk). "Spritz with a heat protection spray and then work in Organic Colour Systems no plastic Volume Mousse (www.organiccoloursystems.comhttp://www.organiccoloursystems.com). Part hair down the side and start curling from the fringe section around the head using barrel tongs. Slick the side down with a small amount of gel and push that hair over the shoulder on the fringe side."

Catherine Z-J - "Catherine is wearing the s/s trend of All Over Colour - matching your eyes and cheeks and lips, as seen on the catwalk at Chloe. To get this healthy glow, with a dewy complexion - start with a dewy foundation base and accentuate cheekbones by sucking in cheeks and shading just beneath the cheekbone with a bronze blusher. Dot a lighter, peachier blusher onto the apples of the cheek. 

Warm smoky eye with a sable brown washed across the eye and deeper brown in the socket line. Her lips were the same colour, bronzy, with detail picked out on her nails with a soft gold polish. Use Frontcover's All over Colour kit ( http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/buy-online/spring-summer-2013/product/all-over-colour.html ,http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/buy-online/spring-summer-2013/product/all-over-colour.html) to get the look, and Nail Art Nouveau for this soft gold shade (http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/buy-online/spring-summer-2013/product/nail-art-nouveau.html) " 

Michelle White

Amanda Siegfried " This look is about using warm greys and winging out the shape at the outer edges for a feline shape. Sweep colour along the lower lash line to increase the drama and build on the darker shade at the outer edge of the eye to make them an almond shape. Leave brows light and keep the rest of the face simple - just a hint of gloss on the lips. Jennifer Lawrence also working this look but with a less feline shape to the eyes - less exaggerated, more Grace Kelly classic." Michelle White

Anne Hathaway - "with Anne's dark crop the classic statement red lips and black eyeliner works really well. For the perfect red lip, line and fill with a colour matched lip liner, then apply lipstick with brush, blot, reapply and blot lightly. A touch of gloss in the centre of the upper and lower lip will make them appear fuller. " Michelle White

"Anne's hair is growing into a longer crop now, and starting to look longer through the front which gives the style more versatility. It's so quick to style; simply dry on a small barrel brush and finish with a crème for gentle definition and to banish frizz."  Darren Ambrose, multi award winning hairdresser (www.djambrose.com)

Jen Aniston - "another nude look, very subtle and sculpted - think the All Over Colour trend again with lashings of black mascara on the upper lashes and a strong dark eyeliner. This really dewy sunkissed skin with glossy apples of cheeks, is finished perfectly with a light dab of gloss on the lips and a very subtle liquid line. If you're not confident with a liquid liner, start by drawing dots along the lashes, and then simply join them up." Michelle White

"Jennifer is still the poster girl for sleek long hair and looks gorgeous with this style. The graduated layers around the front of the face stop it looking too heavy and the fringe frames her face and blends beautifully. The multi hues of blonde look fantastic, it's such a natural looking colour with beautiful placement of lights around the face. To get the look, run through with irons gently, you don't want poker straight locks, and give them a twist towards the bottom to get this extra movement." Rae Palmer, former Southern Hairdresser of the Year (www.raepalmer.co.uk)

"Adele is wearing her signature retro monochromatic smoky eye concentrating on fifty shades of grey to achieve a cool, dramatic, classic and slick look. Her pinky toned nude lips are true to the trend. To get this look, add definition to a smoky eye by using a kohl pencil to line upper lashes from inner to outer corner extending flick in the direction of the end of your eyebrow - this maintains the correct angle of flick for your face shape. Complete by lining the inner rim of eyes and for a pro make-up artist touch, the upper inner rim of eye." Michelle White

Zoe Saldana "One of the smokiest eyes on the catwalk, these are glossy, smoky eyes. To get the look, use warm deep browns and greys swept across eyelids and blended up towards the brow bone. Layer for strength of colour con particularly on socket line. Add a glossy finish with a light touch of vaseline on the centre of the lids. Lashings of lashes finish this look." Michelle White

Nicole Kidman -"a flash of pink on the lips and a smoky heather toned eye. Use a cream eyeshadow to get this subtle metallic effect, blend a warm toned metallic cream eyeshadow across lids, gently blend above socket line dotting a golden highlight shade onto the lids for a pretty effect." Michelle White

Kelly Osbourne - "Coral lips are a hot look for s/s, and contrasted with cool eyes are brilliant on the red carpet - although this doesn't necessarily work with the purple hair... For a quick hit of colour, apply a juicy coral lipgloss." Michelle White