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The Opening of Gelato D'Amore Nice, the Best Ice cream Shop in Town

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20 November 2020

Gelato D'Amore Nice announces the opening of its boutique, gelato and coffee shop in Nice, 125 Rue de France.

Gelato D'Amore Nice provides customers with homemade products including cheesecake, vegan dark chocolate and raspberry pie, Bubble Waffle, smoothies and, of course, gelato art. The owners come up with classy services and out of the ordinary products like homemade ice cream with a variety of flavors, with Gelato Bar, Gelato Outlet, All You Can Eat, Corporate and workshops for adults and children alike.

Make your own icecream

You can go home with your ice cream made by you, with the chosen flavors! What a great way to spend ypur time with the family or friends or simply entering the world of icecream craftsmanship!

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of gelato, the couple Patricia and George Balan decided to come and implement their know-how in France. And all this in a year with two lockdowns that prevented and delayed the opening. Now they opened with the takeaway and delivery services and you can find their products at the boutique.

Follow your dream

"Gelato D'Amore is the continuation of a dream and the steadfastness of personal faith - that every man who trains on a road should be inspired to take a universal journey. It was natural to choose France, which we love so much, and Nice with the most notable symbol, Negresco.We will offer the best products and services we can offer, using all the local heritage - French and Provençal.We are counting on the buzz to give us at least one chance.We are hopeful that we will convince and seduce them and that together we will write another great story. George Balan, the owner of the Gelato D'Amore Nice brand declared to Stylezza. 

Gelato D'Amore Nice

125 Rue de France, Nice