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The New Social Trend: the Meditation

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26 October 2020

We see, more and more, people who turn to meditation as a step to themselves, to more tranquility into a society that stirs everyone up. This article is the interview with Céline Chauchet, meditation, hypnose, therapies, sophrology. 

What is meditation?

Meditation is not relaxation, it is observing your thoughts and anxieties rather than running away from them. Meditation is a simple practice that requires attention inside our body and not outside, so if our mind is restless, it is important to welcome it without judging ourselves and refocus on the present moment by concentrating as much as necessary on our breathing and the feelings of the body.

Are there different types of meditation?


Mindfulness is a series of meditation, relaxation and sophrology exercises which aim to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is an invitation to focus on the present moment.

Vipassana Meditation is considered to be the oldest technique of Buddhist meditation, Vipassana meditation involves in making everything around a subject of meditation.

Zen meditation (zazen) - Zen comes from Japan, with a very "ritual" aspect very typical of the Japanese culture.

Tibetan meditation is the pacification of the mind through concentration

Sound meditation uses an instrument, music or just the voice (in the form of a sound or a mantra) as the object of meditation.

Transcendental Meditation (MT)Transcendental meditation is a technique of relaxation and development of consciousness

Osho's Active Meditations

Osho has created a series of specific meditations to help release stress and disruptive emotions. These meditations are done in motion, with music.

Guided meditation consists, as its name suggests, in letting yourself be guided by a voice.

My meditation is a mixture of guided meditation and mindfulness meditation.

What are the benefits of the meditation?

10 minutes a day is sufficient for:

Decrease in stress by 30 to 40% after one month

Greater inner peace


Attention and focus

Emotional balance

Significant decrease in anxiety and anxiety

Strengthening the immune system

Increase in general well-being

Is meditation for everyone?

Yes, regardless of age, everyone will choose their meditation and approach it differently and at their own pace.

What is the future of meditation according to you?

Very difficult to answer this question without stepping out of the present moment and projecting yourself into a hypothetical future. Mediation will certainly be introduced in hospitals, schools, prisons, sports clubs ...Let's not forget that meditation is also done by cooking, singing, dancing, driving, when one is present in oneself it is a meditation.

Interview with Celine Chauchet, meditation, hypnose guide and therapist