The new Extreme Collection

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7 March 2012

Good morning to all,

I hope you're prepared, because the day has come to show you part of the collection Extreme Collection, a collection full of color, character pieces and very versatile.

I had the pleasure of using the collection of Extreme Collection and Manolo Blahnik at Hotel Urban ... could I ask for more?

The first look I propose:

An American sailor, French sleeve, with gold buttons and a cut that sit well on anyone. A piece that can be combined with jeans, skinny or wide trousers with short straight and even, use your imagination. 

T-shirts with fashion illustration, exclusive use and limited edition Collection Extremes. A shirt like this can give that touch of fun to any look. 

What do you think? Do you were expecting such a colorful and fun collection? As yet there is more ... 

EXTREME COLLECTION  has decided to circumvent 3 gift vouchers among the followers of this blog, with a value of 100 € each.


Discuss this and the following post I will make of Extreme this week. Make them followers of your Facebook page here and Ruth Montes Personal Shopper Here . On Tuesday 13 to 24 hours we will know the three winners.

Good luck!