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The new collection Nana Box signed Christian Lacroix

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5 April 2013

Since always, Nana breaks with the codes of female hygiene by celebrating the \"nanas\" with emotion proclaiming the fact that every woman is unique. With impertinence, she invites the men to celebrate their nana who has «that something that others do not have». It is the reason for which, this year, the brand joins a great designer who always celebrates women and soustains that’ «a woman is loved because she is different from other women»: Mister Christian Lacroix.

Nana Boxes 2013 imagined by Christian Lacroix, true women fashion accessories to be slipped into its handbag, in elegant and coloured style, are in fact a celebrations of the women:

5 worlds, 5 continents, 5 women, 5 boxes...

This 6th collection of Nana Boxes is an event very much awaited by the women. For the 2013 edition, more than 2 million boxes will be offered in shops for any purchase of a Nana pack till the end of April. The campaign will include a television, print and web ads.