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The new autumn winter 2012-2013 Mia Reva collection

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19 July 2012

Mia Reva, the boutique of online sale of fashion accessories and jewellery in strong identity, in original and refined design coming from an international directory of confidential creators offers you to discover from today its new collection Autumn Winter which will be online soon.

This season, tendency rock don't fade and skulls stay in honour! 

Whether it is on the little cases, bags, stoles or earrings... 

It is not Mia Reva identity without colours or ethnic inspirations! 

This new collection puts once again the two things in the right place, notably with the Bag Ilana, the case Lilith, or even Apache Grise. 

To bring a key full of long-term saving plans, you would like the Mayan bracelet or Liberty. If you prefer playing the key brought forward with an animal recall, you would like the ring Tiger or l’étole Leopard.

For a look imitating the styles of an earlier period and romantic inspiration, Mia Reva chose a group of imaginary ’accessories: Feathers earrings, Romance Sleepers or Cameos, bracelet Handcuffs and rings Louisa and Fantasy.