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The Must Have Look For The New Year's Eve Night

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14 December 2018

Holidays are here! No more time left to stray away! Your step into the New Year must be done in style! Your style!

From punk to chic, from street to luxe, you can choose where you feel more comfortable. And, of course, where you're going, too. If you're going to celebrate on a chalet in the mountains, we can think of a cosy and warm outfit but also a sparkling dress for the night.

So, let's have a "walk" in images of how you can sparkle your way through the New Year's Night! 

Satyn nights, holy nights, soft as your skin, smooth as the Milky Way.

The satyn dress to impress! Make sure it's yours, here! 

Santa Long V-Neck Purple Dress

For a more boheme look, I'm sure the New Year will be thankful because you'll be like a flower all year long. You can buy this amazing dress on Stylezza Shop.

Or, maybe, you're too classical and you want your 2019 to be as business-like as ever. No worries, this type of look is accepted also. Still, be aware that, next to a sequin dress, it may look to office type! It depends on the place you are going. On a restaurant, it can be just fine! 

For something out of ordinary that can perfectly fit the chalet and the mountain mood, the wooden bag is a fantastic poece of your look that can create that unique vibe that you need in 2019.