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The most unfaiful astrological signs in 2013

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8 January 2013

As like every beginning of the year, planets are in track for a new zodiacal dance. Chance, happiness, love, relationships leans with attention over astrological tendencies on 2013, sign by sign. While a good star will come to protect some happy lucky signs, other will see blowing the wind of change, of resurgence when some will be taken by a breath of boldness and of adventure... But what are these signs marked by the taste of risk, greedy for burning passion and for caustic pleasures? In order to understand it,, 1st dating site for married adventurers decided to take the bull by horns and reveals results exclusively of this enquête* astral, led to European faithless 2083. 

Sagittarius, sign who aims at extra (conjugal) adventure with full heart 

Across this classification established from the born dates of the noticed sample, it would seem that we aren't all equal as signs in disloyalty. Representing not less than 16 %, sagittarius, put under the aegis of this masculine sign of fires, would therefore be more tempted for a burning misdemeanour, guided by their desire of conquest. Benefiting from an ardent, independent personality and charmer, they outstrip very air and intangible Aquariuses (15 %) as well as Geminis double insatiable (13 %), decided well in snack to all delight in good Epicureans. So, recalcitrants in extramarital somersaults préfèreront to get involved in a relation with a person of the sign of the Virgin, of the Fish or of the Scorpion, signs the propensity of which in the adultery would be "lighter «.

The woman Aquarius, as a master in the art of seduction

With about 17 % of women born between January 21st and February 19th delighting the shiver given by another man than their spouse, the site in the crunched apple reveals that the woman Aquarius isn't frightened. Becoming leader of the female classification, this seductress would have been allowed to go to the trifle with not less than 5 lovers on average. As burning as demanding, she wouldn't hesitate to prove to be "nomadic «, as much as she can turn out to be very exclusive. Provided that it bites the fruit defended with relish, to meet égo and libido. 

Because in disloyalty also, there are different typologies of behaviours, of approaches and personalities, all the faithless people don't bite the apple in the same way:  

The sprinters:

Instinctive, go-ahead types, rulers or else employing their charisma, the faithless of the sign of the Ram, following the example of Kristen Stewart, the Scorpion and of Leo would favour speed and action, since these last would be 34 % to go to the actual after 6 days of exchanges against 10 on average. If the speed of action is a criterion, force is however to note that these signs don't appear among beep 5, except for the Ram.  

The collectioners:

Often extravertis, ambitious, insatiable one thirst for pleasure and for exuberant one curiosity, the married Epicureans or in couple with the sign of the Aquarius, of Geminis, of the Capricorn such Jude Law or even of the Sagittarius, devote themselves to the constitution of one very voluptuous total number of kills. To satisfy their sensual appetite, these faithless would have met 14 more potential lovers and skipped the step with 8 of them or them on average. 

To note that two "double" signs meet in this profile of faithless.

The romantics:

They appreciate to take the time, are opinionated, careful and know that nobody to display better sensuality and art of seduction to reach their target: the fullness of senses. These faithless are Bulls, Balances, Pisces and Cancers. Also the most faithful in the adultery, while wanting to weave sensual links in the length, often preferring the delicacy of one lover who «would have been a bit tamed (e)». Their credo: luxury, peace and pleasure.