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The Most Glamorous Destinations In The World

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11 December 2019

The world is filled with many glamorous destinations that are paving the way in terms of style,beauty and fashion. These places attract people from each corner of the globe and are often influential when it comes to everything related to culture and style. These are the places thatpeople should visit at least once in their lifetime as they are remarkable places with a very distinctive atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. Not only this, but many of these destinations are also very beautiful with a lot to see and do for every type of traveller. Read on to discover the most glamorous places in the world.


Barcelona is world-famous for its art, architectures, fashion, food and culture. There is nowhere else in the world quite like this beautiful and historic city which makes it a must-visit place. It is perfect for those with an interest in art and culture with dozens of attractions to see. It can also bea lovely place for a relaxing holiday where you stroll the streets, take in the sights and sample the food and dining scene.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the home of the rich and famous, which means that it is somewhere extremely influential when it comes to culture. It is here where you will often see the start of new trends and people leading a life of luxury, and it is also somewhere with a lovely climate, friendly locals and allkinds of terrific activities and places to visit.


Within the last few years, Croatia has become a popular spot with those looking for luxury on their holiday. Croatia is a country with varied out and outstanding natural beauty to go with a beautiful climate and a handful of charming, quaint cities to explore. It is somewhere where you can gosailing on a yacht, relax on the beach, go hiking or wander the streets of exotic cities like Dubrovnik. Croatia holidays should involve hiring your own villa as this allows you to find a homeaway from home which will allow you to make the most out of your holiday. Hiring out a villa means added privacy and the ability to relax on your own schedule and eat food that you make. It's also ideal for large family holidays, or holidays where children are involved.


Monaco is known as a playground for the global elite and somewhere where you can expect to findextravagant yachts in the harbour, opulent casinos, luxury hotels and upscale restaurants andnightclubs. It is incredibly glamorous, and due to its small size, it is easy to see with just one visit.Situated on the French Riviera, this is also a very beautiful part of the world which boasts a lovely climate so it is a terrific destination for a glamorous summer vacation.

Madeira, Portugal

Known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic," Madeira is an archipelago consisting of four islands just off the Northwest coast of Africa. This means that it is blessed with a terrific climate and outstanding natural beauty with verdant gardens, volcanic soil and incredible coastal views. Madeira is a popular destination with luxury holidaymakers with the charming small towns being the perfect retreat.

Montenegro is an incredibly unique country with imposing mountains towering over the beaches looking out to the Adriatic. It features pretty medieval walled towns filled with intriguing fortresses,churches and villas. You can spend your time here relaxing on the idyllic beaches, sampling the delicious cuisine in the capital city of Podgorica and hiking in the gorgeous natural surroundings,so there is something for everyone.

Zurich, Switzerland

The global centre for banking and finance, it is no surprise that Zurich is such a glamorousdestination and it is an incredibly vibrant, fun and beautiful part of the world. Set at the meeting of arover and a lake for a pretty setting, Zurich has emerged as a cultural hub in recent times, so it is alovely place to visit and quite unlike anywhere else in the world.In terms of luxury and glamour, you cannot beat any of these fabulous destinations. They often attract the rich and the famous so you can expect these to be trend-setting places that are full of art, culture and style. Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to be rich and famous to have a fantastic time at these destinations, and they are places that everyone should visit in their lifetime.