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The magical escape with Tiara Miramar

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5 April 2016

Living on the French Riviera is like living in Caribbean, Bali or Mauritius altogether in one place. Paradise in one word ! Of course, a populated one, but still a paradise. You can find little gems all over the French coast filled with splashes of Mediterannean waters, sunny skies and romantic strolls on its natural paths.

From one point to another, our steps followed the route to one of the most beautiful villages on the French Riviera : Theoule sur Mer, a little vivid place where the red rocks from the Esterel mountains represent the background for everything.

One of the gems in Theoule sur Mer it's Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel & Spa, a five star hotel that unveils itself little by little with sparkles of magic. Under the gentil and careful guidance and attention of Directors, Mr . Jerome Montanteme for Miramar and Mr. Frederik Thiebaut for Yaktsa, I discovered this universe and got mesmerized by it. Its location, its style and mix of elements make its uniqueness and create the magic !

Orient - Occident duality turned into a contemporary magic style

I entered a world of pure relaxation in all its terms, not far from the city frenzy but far enough to find peacefulness and quality time.  At every step you take into the hotel you can  find this duality between Orient and Occident, between retro and modern into a stylish fashionable chic energy, a mix that perfectly matches the entire theme of the hotel. The rooms are spacious, mostly of them with amazing sea view, with the oriental style covered by a contemporary touch that played together with magic. I loved very much the Moroccan influences, the moucharabys, the carved iron lamps that reflected the light from the structural motifs, the retro posters from magazines on the walls, the vintage radio look-a-like night commode and the funny sardines bins turned into paintings on the hall taking to the beach side. There is also something to see, whether is mediterranean style, oriental, contemporain with a humouristic feel or inspiring through design, words or art. Every corner has a piece of accessory that creates more charm to the space and fills its story.

Retro, modern, chic, stylish ... a Hollywoodian look-a-like  escape 

The hotel has everything you need in terms of services, relaxation, view, styles. The 5 star hotel bathed by the Mediterranean waters includes 59 rooms and suites, 2 restaurants Moya and Bistrot M (Moya with seafront open cuisine), bar lounge, heated outdoor pool, private beach, spa designed by Sothys (including oil treatments, massages, sauna, Turkish bath and fitness center). It has also a private villa on its own that has all the services and utilities included. Its style is slightly different from the general line of the hotel by being even more retro but on a very actual chic line. Liv Taylor, Marylin Monroe's faces on the pillows, the velvet sofas and chairs, colourful carpets, all create that Hollywood escape place all for yourself. On its two floors, the space is generous, the colors are vivid and it offers the ambiance of a luxury appartment of its own. The large terrace with sea view is fabulous and its worth is even bigger with the jacuzzi on it. Pure relaxation, exquisite joy !  And what a view !

Just a few steps down towards the beach, I entered a small place with an absolutely charming swing which I instantly fell in love with. Its Oriental style put in the middle of vegetation and with an amazing sea view makes it all worth. Just imagine yourself on the swing watching the stars in the night or feeling the sea breeze in the summer mornings. Absolutely delightful ! This attention to details made everything seem so magical !

Cote d'Azur, the land of dreams

Its surroundings are alluring sights to discover also: the village Theoule sur Mer itself, Sainte Marguerite island not very far from the hotel, just about a boat stroll or Cannes that is just 20 minutes far from it. More, the Esterel mountains are a national treasure, a preserved environment where the red cliffs are plunging directly into the water making the scenery a fairy tale one. Or, even more : stay at the hotel : you will have plenty of things to do from swimming into the pool or into the beach to walking in the beautiful suspended gardens or outdoors naps on the Balinese daybeds surrounded by vegetation. Or be more sporty, play tennis or billards at the hotel ! As you wish, you decide here at your own pace ! After all, this is the purpose of the holiday !

Mediterranean cuisine with a bistronomique concept

All your senses are spoiled, culinary included. We enjoyed a great lunch at Bistrot M prepared by chef Guillaume Anor that had the Mediterranean touch : fish soup, loup and Saint Jacques, offering a truly French dining experience. We are looking forward to experience the opening of the seafront restaurant Moya in the middle of April, too, just to feel that complicity with the sea even more!

For Tiara Miramar, what you see on the outside is nothing like what you experience on the inside : that is Miramar, the Mediterannean gem that captures all the influences around the sea, brings the Oriental mood into a stylish contemporary decoration and helps you find what you are looking for : the escape feeling ! Connect with you, with nature, with the beach and be spoiled by a great staff !

I guess ... my kind of holiday idea !

The sister hotel of Tiara Miramar is Yaktsa, 800 m away from Miramar that will open in mid April and that we are looking forward to discovering it as well and present it to you !

For more info or reservation, you can enter Tiara Miramar website !

More photos on our Facebook page Stylezza

Editor Andra Oprea