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The magic of nature seen from the air balloon

côte d'azur | …escape to

13 October 2011

For some years, the Lake of Der, the department of Aube in region Champagne-Ardenne has become the obliged passage for a lot of migratory birds which seem to have found repose, security and provision in the middle of this especially done up natural site where they are not bothered. Moreover, it allows the curious  types(neophytes for amateurs of « bird watching ») to notice them without importuning them. Among the number of these migratory species, the ash common cranes (about which they say that they would have revealed to Palamède several characters of alphabet) who, in autumn, meet by thousands to mark a pause in their migratory course taking them from Scandinavia to Andalusia.

Numerous posts of wooden carriages were divided around the lake, with accesses under cover, out of the view of birds. There is an even more spectacular manner of noticing this annual date with Nature: the observation of the takeoff of the ash common cranes, at daybreak, on board of a hot-air balloon! It is then an unique and marvellous show which presents itself to looks. A show which offers you to discover FRANCE Hot-air balloons, on board of one of its smart balls that can receive in complete safety from 8 to 16 persons and it, from the Lake of Der, from 14 till 30 November of this year!


Awakened in dawns (effort which will be quickly rewarded by the beauty of this date), you go on board of one of the FRANCE Hot-air balloons. You discover progressively, enveloped in this clean morning light of autumn, hundreds of ash common cranes, still in repose, which wait for the survey of the sun. The level of the lake is rather low so the birds settled near the water, allowing you then to notice them at your ease. Already, their shouting covers the nature which awakes The skyline takes copper-coloured colours then and the sun appears slowly. A light fog covers the skyline and participates in the envoutante beauty of the ambient landscape. On the soil, agitation becomes stronger and, little by little, by small groups, birds take their takeoff, spining above the late as if to say to them that the time is pressing, that the winter approaches. Then, it is takeoff, big departure! One in one, they unfold their wings and dash forward in the sky, such of the forming groups of soldiers of V gracious in the sky From the heigths, you see them arriving, almost surprised by the fastness with which this air balloon dashes forward towards the West South. Certain groups of soldiers get closer then to you at an amazing speed to such an extent that you could almost touch them But already the ash common cranes exceed you, always take more altitude and blend in progressively in the more and more lively colours of day which becomes established now... The hour for you « to go back down on earth », the mind still filled with this magical date with Nature
Date that is offered to you with this year FRANCE Hot-air balloons from 14 till 30 November 2011, from its foundation of takeoff in the Lake of Der, in Daybreak.

RATES 2011
Individual ticket: of 185,00 € (on weekdays) in 205,00 € (in weekend).
Ticket Tandem: 398,00 € - Ticket Child:159,00,00 €.