• Photo courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photo courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs

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The luxury sport trend for the spring summer collections 2014

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11 February 2014

The spring summer catwalks are more and more getting into the sport vibes. A luxurious sport trend that is becoming part of the fashion collections.

Big names like Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Balenciaga and even more are introducing new lines and sport chic luxury clothes. It is a fashion movement and a statement made by even Karl Lagerfeld through his collection that mixed sneakers and dresses on a high level fashion.

People are getting more and more interested in wearing comfortable clothes so the sport lines are part of everyone's wardrobe. The luxury touch gives a more high-end style to the clothes and the person who wears it.

"I used shapes, fabrics, accessories and colours taken from sports. A parka worked great for night in silver parachute silk and so did scuba neoprene, which sculpts well, or technical jerseys, which made for great draping." said Peter Dundas, the mind behind Pucci. So, sporty elements are introduced in fashion collections transforming hoodies into dresses, boxing shoes into high heels shoes, using cropped shorts and gym tops. Marc by Marc Jacobs used silk baseball jackets, DKNY used anoraks in translucent plastic.

It is a fashion necessity for the people to be comforable and stylish at the same time. And this trend is what it does, in fact. It is a market that it starts to move faster and faster. So, let s enjoy Sochi and give an athletic vine to our wardrobe!

Editor Andra Oprea